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St   Minver Hearth Tax Returns


Money concerns continued to plague Charles II and various taxes were raised during this time.  The Hearth Tax was introduced in 1662 as a means of raising additional revenue. It was payable by every householder whose house was worth more than 20 shillings a year and who paid church and poor rates were liable for hearth tax. Householders liable to the tax paid two shillings for each fire-hearth, one shilling at Michaelmas and one at Ladyday (25 March).  Those not eligible had to provide the tax-collectors with an exemption certificate signed by the incumbent, churchwardens and overseers of the poor, and counter-signed by two Justices of the Peace.  The Hearth Tax was collected between 1662 and 1688, the most complete return surviving was that of 1664.

Names only are given, if you need further information about a name, please ask.

Sir John Carew Bart Peter Dey gent
Thomas Darell Esq James Sparnall
Sir Rich Prideaux Kt George Beare
Chris Harris Esq Erastas Webber
Mark Silly gent Wm Hooper
John Crabb Gent Hugh White
Thomas Kent, gent Ralf and Wm Hexte
John Weale Thomas Hammett
John Dingley Humphry Mabely
Richard Phillis Degory Mill
Thomas Bradford Wm Profitt
William Hickes Wm Maurice
and Ralfe Hickes Mr Hellman
Ann Guye  John Rounsevall
and William Guy John Wills
Humphry Mabely Gilbert Payne
William Dalley sen John Dalley
Ambrose Gray Charles Roscarrock Esq
Henry Gray Mr Balthose Bare
William Gray William Webber
Thomas Morrish Hhumphry Gey
William Morrish Wm Gey
Richard Rounsvale Mr Dorrell
John Harres Simon Hambly
Petherick Wills John Lucas
Humfry Mabely sen Benjamin Dyer
Edy Rounsevale Mr Degory Webber
William Webber Mr John Dingle
Raph Rawling John Ryton
John Clemens Philip Shassell
Samuel Tynny  Roger James sen
and Rich Tynny Barbera Hickes
Thomas Moyle Davy Madcott
William Proffitt Henry James
Walter Kent John Jey sen
John Marke Sampson Kent
John Guy Thomas Chivill
Elizabeth Bridgman Henry Stephens 
John Trefrey John Harris sen
William James Thomas Bannicke
Lon.r Lange John Hickes
William Dally jun Wm Hooper
William Burt Francis Bettie
John Hender Elinor Prey
Anne Ivy Thomas Martyn
Thomas Lang Marie? Cooke?
Thomas Smith John Hooper
John Smith Barnard Bone 
Richard Trevell Richard Pettigrew
Katherine Moyle John Barie
Charles Peters Roger Dier
Benjamin Thomas Hugh Band
Robert Blake George Lukes
John Vinicombe Eliz Spernel
Thomas Havomett Philip Collinge
Degory Ball Hugh White
Charles Guy Gregory Beeherd
Degory Myll John Carveth
William Mabely Thomas Pawly
John Stephens Thomas Robyns
Anne Glyddon Richard Marke
Philip Glyddon Jane Lang wid
Constantine Hambly Benjamin Carveth
Edward Harris Mary Olliver
Oates Trebell Wm Rowe
Mawde Wilkey John Thomas
William Guy George Thomas
Anthony Guy John Hambly
Humphry Guy John Jose
Francis Guy Thomazin Rawe
Richard Hambly jun Wm Hoskyn 
Thomas Trebell Henry Hard
Roger Willcocke (also Wolcocke elsewhere) Eliz Rounsevall
Richard Grey Thomas Marise
Mark Ceely John James
John Kent William Showle
Francis Hender Samuel Chevill
Katherine Myll William Trerrie
Eliz Jacquett Nich Kent
John Ivy Henry Williams
John Rowe Thomas Kittoe
Humphry Hambly John Mably
Katherine Bennet wid Kath Rounsevall
Thomas Sparnall  John Trebell
Mr Jn Ceely John Broad 
Richard Lynam gent Wm Kneebone

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