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Mismeer or Randall Charity for Widows and Fatherless children   

Document held at Cornwall Record Office

Reference CRO P154/25/1

St Minver Charity Volume (2 page extract)


The stone recording the death and setting up of the charity can be seen here

The word 'paid' appears in a column when an amount has been paid in that particular year.

  Recipients for St Johns Day 1871 December 1872 1873 1874 1875 1876 Dec-27




Page 1 includes accounts for 1871 to  1875
Catherine Cleave 01-Jun Pd Jany 2 Pd Pd -        
Mary Treverton 01-Jun Pd Pd Pd Pd Paid paid Paid paid
Mary Bettis 01-Jun - - - -        
Mary Mably  01-Jun Pd Pd In union -        
Elizabeth Tremayne (Greenbanks) 01-Jun Pd Pd Pd At Amble        
Mary Cleave 01-Jun Pd - - -        
Sarah Nancarrow 01-Jun Dec’d              
Mary Gard (deceased) 01-Jun Pd Pd Pd Pd Paid      
Jane Carhart (Polmayne) 01-Jun Pd Pd Pd Pd        
John Cock 01-Jun Pd Pd Pd 1/6 Pd Paid      
Thos Henry Craddock,  fatherless 01-Jun Pd Pd Pd Pd Paid      
Jane Salter, fatherless               01-Jun Pd January Pd Pd Pd Paid Paid Paid paid
Catharine Hicks (Stoptide) new member 01-Jun Pd Jany 2 Pd Pd Pd paid Paid Paid paid
(Betty) Camps   Paid January 16 Pd Pd Pd paid Paid Paid
Eliza Dray   Pd Jan 1/6 Pd Pd Pd paid Paid Paid paid
10/- for funeral sermon                  
Elizabeth Jane Rundle           paid Paid Paid paid
Ann Hill         Pd paid Paid Paid paid
Page 2 includes accounts for 1876  to 1879
Mary Inch           Pd Dec 27   Paid paid
Mrs Gummow           Pd Dec 27      
Jane Cock             Paid Paid Paid
Anne Craddock             Paid Paid paid
Applicants 1877                  
Jane Sweet                  
Grace Hawken             Paid Paid paid
Mary Ann Dyer             - - -
Ellen Treverton                  
Applicants 1878                  
Henry Treverton                  
Dolly Eley                 paid
Jane Cleave (Widow)                  


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