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Parish Description 1939

Kelly's Directory 1939

St Minver, Cornwall

P238 to 240

The description of the parish of St Minver can be found here



Post, M. 0. & T. Office, St. Minver. Letters through Wadebridge

Post & T. Office, Rock. Letters through Wadebridge. St. Minver nearest M. 0. office

Post & T. Office, Trebetherick. Letters through Wade-bridge. St. Minver nearest M. 0. office

Post & T. Office, Polzeath. Letters through Wadebridge. St. Minver nearest M. 0. office


Coast Guard Station, Trebetherick, Richard Male, district officer

Conveyance.—Dingley, Mobley & Lander, omnibuses to Wadebridge daily, returning to Rock same day & Irwin, between Wadebridge & Polzeath, daily




Marked thus * letters should be addressed Rock, Wadebridge.



(For T N’s see general list of Private Residents at end of book.)

Calverley William M.B., Ch.B. Trelawney

Channell Mrs. Herbert, Sparnal Stitch

Clarke Capt. Charles Couch, Broad pk

Conor Capt. Herbert L. Doyden (letters should be addressed Portquin, Port Isaac, Wadebridge)

Griffiths Rev. Hugh Peregrine M.A. (vicar), The Vicarage

Godfrey James Henry, Pendeen

Hancock Mrs. Olive house

Healing Mrs. Tredrizzick bridge

Hext Mrs., Trewornan

Holmes Ernest George Branscombe, St. Minver house

Martyn Miss, Dinham house

Page Vernon Fras. J.P. Trewint hill



Marked thus o farm 150 acres or over.

Atkins Wm Jn. hairdrssr. Rock rd

Blake Chas. smallholder, Penmaine

Blake William, farmer, Great Kerrow

Bloye Frank, farmer, Park cott

Brewer Jn. farmer, Trewint

Brickwood Charles Francis, builder, contractor, painter, house decorator, & jobbing, Highfield Trebetherick 87

Brown Thos. smallholder, Tredrizzick

Buse Alfd. farmer, Carlumb & Rose-win

Calverley William M.B., Ch.B. (barrister at law), physician & surgeon, Trelawney. Trebetherick 77

Chellew William, blacksmith

Cleave Rd. Chapman, frmr. Tregenna

oCleave Thos. Hy. farmer, Cant

Cook Jas. farmer, Trevine, Amble

Cook Win. Jn. farmer, Gonvena.

Dingle & Mobley, motor omnibus proprs. The Garage, Splatt. Trebetherick 5

Fearnley Jas. wheelwright

French John, farmer, Moyles Kerrow

Furze Saml. farmer, Trewornan

Goodman Wm. Jn. shopkpr

Hambly Wh. Hy. shopkpr. Pitomy

Harris Danl. farmer, Treweens

oHawken Hy. & Son, farmers, Trevanger

*Hawken Gill (Mrs.),farmer, Trefresa

Hawkey Fredk. farmer, Shaulders

oHawkey Jn. Giles, farmer, Rosearrow

Hocking Fras. Hy. farmer, Dinham

Keat Fredk. Jn. farmer, Carlyon

Kerswell Ida (Mrs.), shopkpr. Rock rd

Lander Harry, tailor, Pityme

Lander Sidney Herbert, cycle & motorcycle agent & general ironmonger

*Lane .A1fd. Chas. farmer, Treverrow

Mably Jn. By. carpntr. Pendarves

Mably Rd. By. farmer, Treglyn

Mably Saml. farmer, Glencoe

Mably Sydney, farmer, Blake’s Keiro

Mably Wm.Hy. farmor,Little Trevigo

Mably Wm. Jn. farmer, Trewiston

Male Katie B. (Miss), draper & shopkeeper, Tredrizzick

*Marshall Gillan, farmer, Treverra

*Marshall Jeremiah Ernest, farmer, Porthilly. Trebetherick 118

Martyn Chas. By. bldr. & rating officer/collector of rates for St Minver Lowlands, Warleigh & Splatt. Trebetherick 14

May Capt. Hy. Wm. Mends MC. farmer, Great Kerow

Menhinick Arth. farmer, Trewornan

*Nichols Jas. farmer, Trefresa

o01d Chas. farmer, Porteath

Old Jn. farmer, West Pearls

Perceval Institute (Win. Richards & Percy Craddock, joint hon. Secs).

Polkinghorne Mrs. boarding ho. keeper, Rock rd. Trebetherick 61

Pyke Wm. butcher, Tredrizzick Trebetherick 63

*Reed Gerald Harper, registered archtct. Porthilly

Rowse Jn. farmer, Rosemain cott

Shepard Margt. Annie (Miss),district nurse, Churchtown

Shirley Gilbt. Chas. farmer, Carruan

Sproull Donald Mc.D., M.D., Ch~E Glas. physcn. & surgn. (surgery) Tredrizzick

Taylor Wm. Arth. farmer,Portkillock

Thomas & Hawkey, farmers, Moyle & Mesmear

Thomas Wm, farmer, Treglines

Tummon Jsph. farmer, Tredower

oTummon Thos. farmer,Trewormond

Tummon William, farmer, Portquin  (letters should be addressed Port Isaac, Wadebridge)

Waters Samuel, farmer, Rosewin

Williams Roy Cadogan, farmer, Smeathers

*Wills Jn. Blake, farmer, Higher Penmaine

Wills Jn. Fras. clerk to the Parish Council, Pityme. Trebetherick 9

oWills Tom Buller, farmer, Trevelver




(for  T N’s see general list of Private Residents at end of book.)

Campbell of Fairfield Maj. Leveson Granville, Radoon

Dana R. W. Cockmoyle

Davey Miss

Ferry Reginald Henry, Wynnstay

Hepburn Mrs. Polwartha

Joicey Edward Raylton, Carndu

Layton Edwin Noel, Lynam farm

Male Miss, North Penmayne

Marston John Morris, Stapside lodge

Martin John Henry, Lanian

Neale Dennis, The Cottage

Pearce Rev. George T. C., B.A. Faralong

Rae James Edmond, White house

Rogers Rear-Adml. Hugh Hext M.V.O., O.B.E., J.P. (ret.), Roskarnon

Short Mrs. Alma cottage

Soper John P. H. Fiona

Twigg Miss, Little common

Wells Miss, Little Porthilly



Bannerman Mrs. private hotel, Dormy ho. Trebetherick 40

Barnecutt’s Bakery, Trebetherick 46

Bray & Parken, corn mers. Trebetherick 4

Cleave’s Garage (Norman Cleave, propr.), Rock rd. (postal address,

St. Minver, Wadebridge). Trebetherick 6

Cornwall Golf Union (Capt. Leveson G.B.A. Campbell D.S.O., R.N ), (ret.), hon. sec.), St. Enodoc Golf club

Groves A. & P. nurserymen, Carnane  

Lander Christphr. motor ‘bus propr

Lander Frederick Charles, jobmaster

Lowe’s Stores, grocers, newsagents, tobacconists & drapers, Rock road (postal address, St. Minver, Wadebridge). Trebetherick 10

Penmayne House (Miss Ferry, proprietress), private hotel. Trebetherick 28

‘Rock Hotel (Cornwall) Ltd. T A “Rocotel, Wadebridge;” Trebetherick 12

Rock Hill Hotel (Mr. & Mrs. Johns, proprs.). Trebetherick 72

St. Enodoc Golf Club (Col. S. L. Wace, sec.). Trebetherick 16

St. Enodoc Golf Hotel (Misses Webb & Skinner, proprietresses).  Trebetherick 11

Tucker J. B. & Son, shopkprs. &c. & B post office. Trebetherick 32

Tucker Edwin Jsph. motor garage                  ~

Watts Bros. butchers, Rock rd. (postal address, St. Minver, Wadebridge). Trebetherick 39




(For T N’s see general list of Private Residents at end of book.)

Downey Mrs., Medla

Macmillan Capt. John Melrose M.A., J.P. Trehane cott

Mollison William Mayhew, Innisfree



Marked thus o farm 150 acres or over.

 Ley Misses, boarding ho. Trevose vw

Mably Wm. Ewart, carpntr

Macmillan Emily(Mrs.), private hotel, Atlantic ho. Trebetherick 8         

Male Fredk. grocer, & post office, Trebetherick 30          

Maycock F. A. photographer

oOld Ernest & Wesley, farmers, Pentire (postal address, St. Minver, Wadebridge)

oO1d Jn. Chas. Wilfred, farmer, Trenant (postal address, St. Minver, Wadebridge)

Old Jsph. motor garage, (postal address, St. Minver, Wadebridge), Trebetherick 7

Philp, Couch & Son, grocers, stationers, refreshment rooms, & caterers. Trebetherick 31

Polzeath Club Hotel (Mr. & Mrs. F Steel Perry, proprs.). Trebetherick 135

Polzeath Lodge. Hotel Ltd. Trebetherick 47

Watts Pierce Hy. boarding ho. keeper, Drakestone

oWoodward .Albt. farmer, Pentire glaze (postal address, St Minver, Wadebridge)




(For T N’s see general list of Private Residents at end of book.)

Burt Lady, Penbrea

Davies H. Grant, Tresillian

Ferguson Mrs

Forbes-Bowie Mrs. Daymer Bay

Foster Mrs. Daymer Bay house

Gardener Mrs. St. Enodoc view

Haynes Mrs. Undertown

Hoskin Mrs. Bray

Jeffreys Anthony, Doom Bar house

McCorkindale Miss, Torquil

Poulden Misses, Filton, Daymer

Scott Rev. Montague B.A. Trewint

Walsham Sir John Scarlett bart. Trefelix



Marked thus o farm 150 acres or over.

Daymer Bay Hotel (Mrs. Gold-Levin & Miss Martyn, proprietresses). T N 22

Fore Done Garage (G. W. P. Irwin, propr.). Trebetherick 53

Hart J. A. & Sons, builders, decorators, contractors & undertakers, Bolenowe

oMably Jn. & Kenneth, farmers, Downathan

Male Harry Norman, farmer, Higher farm

St. Moritz Private Hotel (R. H. Underwood, propr

Smith & Wilson, shopkprs. & post office

Tellam-Hocking Rd. fruits,. TN 49

Thomson Dorothy Margt. (Miss), boarding ho. The Haven. T N123

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