Slater 1852
Harrod 1878
Kelly 1873
Kelly 1889
Kelly 1893
Kelly 1902
Kelly 1939

Trade Directories are a very useful way of tracing ancestors and assessing the economic life of a town, village or parish.  Local Studies libraries are a good source, as is the online website  http://www.historicaldirectories.org/

This image is taken from the University of Leicester, Digital Library of Historic Directories which has digitised images of directories from around the country.  There is an powerful search engine which will find entries using surnames, trades addresses or other key words.  Many, if not most, of the transcriptions above can now be seen as digital images on this excellent site.


Slater's Directory of  Berkshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Wales  1852 - 53

Harrod & Co's Directory of Cornwall 1878


Kelly's Directories for St Minver

These are to be found in Plymouth Local Studies Library. The details have been taken from all available years ranging from 1873 to 1939. Parish information for the first and last entries have been included. The information has been taken from the Parish Directories section.





1906 ) This and the following

1910 ) Kelly's Directories will

1914 ) be added at a later

1919 ) date

1923 )

1939 This edition also included Telephone Numbers.




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