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St Menefreda and Churchtown

Walk down to the Church from the pub!

Fourways Inn, St Minver Churchtown  May Day 2004, M Balmer


St Minver Churchtown looking towards the Old Post Office  May Day 2004, M Balmer   top


Old Post Office, St Minver Churchtown   May Day 2004,  M Balmer   top


St Minver Church  May Day 2004, M Balmer top


The eastern side of the lower churchyard, St Minver.   July 2003  M Balmer top


The western side of the lower churchyard.   July 2003 M Balmer. top


Looking from the south western corner of the lower churchyard towards the church gate.

February 2004, M Balmer top


Church porch, St Minver   M Balmer, May Day 2004   top


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