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Historical description of Cornwall

John Norden (Survey made circa 1584)

from edition printed 1728  reprint Frank Graham 1966 Plymouth Local Studies (shelf 970.9)

Trigg Hundred

St Mynver is "a parish that stands alofte in the hills, yet verie much anoyde with the sea sand that mounteth with the wynd out of Padstow haven" (Page 51)

Porthillie "a hamlet and harbour wherein of late years ther were few or noe houses, now by their industrious fishinge and the blessing of God, the inhabitantes so increase in abilitye as their prosperitye allureth others to resorte to the place and dailye increase the buyldinges that in few yeares if they continue paynfull and religious, it will grow to a pretie town. Betwene this hauen and another coue called Portkerne passeth a great caue which they call an Ogo, unde a mighty rock mountayne, throwgh which holl or caue the sea ebbeth and floweth, as the fishermen ther affirm, here, haulfe a myle in length." (Page 51)


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