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Parochial and family history of the parish of St. Menefreda, alias St. Minver 

By John Maclean, Published 1876


Transcribed and kindly donated by Patricia Hamp.

Page 85-86-87

Subsidy Roll for the Parish of St. Minver, 35th Henry VIII (1543-4) being the first collection of one entire Subsidy granted by Act. 34th and 35th Henry VII, cap 27, to enable the king to prosecute a war against Scotland. The act provided that every person, born within the realm, worth 20s and under 5 in coin, plate, goods, stock, merchandise, corn, &c., after deducting debts due by him, and expecting the apparel of himself, wife, and children should be charged 4d. for every pound. Those worth 5 and under 10, for every pound 8d. Those worth 10 and under 20, for every pound 16d., and those worth more than 20 for every pound 2s. Aliens to pay double. Persons possessed of real estate worth per annum 1 and under 5, to be charged 6d. for every pound. Those worth 5 and under 10 for every pound 16d. Those worth 10 and under 20, for every pound 2s., and those worth more than 20, for every pound 3s. Aliens and Corporate Bodies to pay double. The Subsidy to extend over three years, one half to be collected in the first year, one quarter in the second year, and the remaining quarter in the third year.

Subsidy Roll, 34th Henry VIII 87/154
Parochia de Minver

in bonis Sub.
Thomas Rawlyn xli ijs viijd
John Rawlyn iijli vjd
John Teny xli vjs viijd
Isabell Denethaun xxs ijd
John Oyger iiijli viijd
Thomas Oyger xxs ijd
Richard Hawkey iijli vjd
Thamsyne Style xxs ijd
John Wary xls iiijd
Bawdyn Grygory* viijli ijs viijd
Richard Polstage xxs ijd
John Helyar vli xxd
Nyclas Thome viijli ijs iiijd
John Andro xxs ijd
Johanna Thom xxs ijd
Harry Jamys iijli vjd
Isabell Gylberd xxjli xiijs
Richard Schale xls iiijd
Thomas Jamys xls iiijd
John Sparnyll iijli vjd
John Treglyn xls iiijd
Harry Carnon xli vjs viijd
Jamys Davy xls iiijd
John Treglyn xli vjs viijd
Stephan Moyll xls iiijd
Richard Moyll iijli vjd
John Moyll iijli vjd
John Jamys iijli vjd
Richard Trebell iiijli viijd
John Hyke, junr. iiijli viijd
John Hyke, senr. viijli ijs viijd
John Smythe xls iiijd
William Hawkey xxs ijd
Thomas Haye xxs ijd
John Stone ixli iijs
William Hamly xls ijd
Harry Kater vijli iiijd
Nyclas Joll xxs ijd
Joanna Trelawder xls iiijd
Harry Mably xl iiijd
Alsyn Teny iiijli viijd
John Teny iijli vjd
Richard Kent iiijli viijd
John Kent ixli iijs
Anny Kent iijli vjd
Thomas Webe xxs
John Trebell vli xxd
Richard Godffray vjli ijs
John Style xxs ijd
John Olyver iijli vjd
John Jamys xls iiijd
John Peryn xls iiijd
Isabell Trebell xls iiijd
Richard Grygory xxs ijd

pro puoris sui sub
Annys Braban vjli ijs
Thomas Spernyll vjli ijs
John Hoper xls iiijd
William Mably xxs ijd
Richard Babyn xxs ijd
John Rounsavall iijli vjd
John Rawlyn iijli vjd
Richard Millerd iiili vjd
John Moyll vjli ijs
John Benyt iiijli viijd
John ffycke vli xxd
Richard Rounsevale xls iiijd
John Mably xxs ijd
William Jamys xxs ijd
William Rawlyn vjli ijs
William Gye iijli vjd
John Jackett iiijli viijd
William Mably xls iiijd

in terris Sub.
Phylyp Pencheval xli vjs viijd

*Badynw Grygory was the Collector for the Parish of St. Minver 87/157

Summa hujus parochie ad subsidium predictum iiijli xixis ijd

It is interesting to compare this Assessment with the Return preceding it, made twenty years earlier, and to notice the changes in the names of the inhabitants and the alterations in the value of the their possessions. It will be observed that the names "Gyon" and "Byllyng," who were among the principal inhabitants in 1521-3, are no longer found in St. Minver. The latter will be found rated in St. Tudy. (See Hist. of Trigg Minor, vol. i, p. 388.)

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