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Cornish Online-Parish-Clerks (OPCs) are volunteers who collect, collate and transcribe records for a chosen specific parish in Cornwall. The data originates from as many sources as can be accessed, including census, parish registers, cemetery records and parish histories. The emphasis is on genealogy, but is not limited to that alone. (This extract is taken from the Cornwall OPC statement of objectives)

I am slowly transcribing the parish records and submitting them to the OPC searchable database.  I also enter the data into my St Minver Folk database where they become part of an extending tree for each family, many families become linked together in marriage and a community grows within my database!  Please email me for details of your St Minver family. 

When I can, I also spend time in St Minver recording gravestone details, whilst my husband photographs them.  On this particular occasion, I was in St Michael's Churchyard, at Porthilly, with a December gale howling down the Camel, fingers freezing cold and pages flying!  Please ask, I may have a photograph of your ancestor's gravestone.


Some Wills and Administrations from adjacent parishes are available here.  They are mainly associated with names from St Minver.



Adjacent Parishes

It soon becomes apparent when tracing your family history that they didn't stay in the same place.  Often they moved between adjacent parishes, moving where the agricultural work was.  Below I have included a list of adjacent parishes on the North Camel Coast, together with OPC contacts and names of people from those parishes who appear in my St Minver Database.

St Kew

Website created by the St Kew OPC contains much family history information.

CORNWALL OPC WEBSITE Page for St Kew  contains more information and useful links

St Kew names associated with St Minver over the centuries: Allee, Bishop, Buller, Blake, Burton, Buscomb, Camps, Chapman, Cleave, Cock, Cowling, Crome, Edwards, Grose, Goode, Gard, Frad, Gard, Hicks, Hill, Hitchens, Johns, Keat, Kellow, Kelloway, Kent, Lean, Lynam, Mitter, Menhinet, Menhinnick, Penrose, Perry, Philp, Rosvear, Thomas, Trebell, Treverton, Tucker, Warne, Webber, Wilce, Williams, Worden.....and many more.


St Endellion

CORNWALL OPC WEBSITE Page for St Endellion contact the OPC via this page which also contains more information and useful links.

St Endellion Names associated with St Minver over the centuries are: Bate, Bishop, Blake, Bosanko, Camps, Can, Cock, Collings, Ellery, Emmet, Fisher, George, Gioles, Gray, Guy, Hambly, Hawkey, Hicks, Jackett, Keat, Kellow, Lobb, Long, Mably, Olver, Prout, Rowe, Tregea, Trethewey, Wyat







Port Isaac

This parish was created in 1913, so names associated with parish could be in either St Minver or St Endellion prior to this date.

CORNWALL OPC WEBSITE Page for Port Isaac  is included on the St Endellion page.  Please contact the OPC via this page which also contains more information and useful links.

Port Isaac names associated with St Minver before 1913 are: Bate, Blake, Collings, Bishop, Cubbing,






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