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 Histories Various home page

Historical description of Cornwall, John Norden (Survey made circa 1584)

History of Cornwall, William Hals 1750's

The History of Cornwall - St Minver 1824, Hitchens and Drew

Maclean's Parochial and Family History, 1879- Parish Description

Maclean's Parochial and Family History, 1879 - Parish Registers

Description of the Parish of St Minver, Kelly's Directory 1939

Other Historical Documents

Subsidy Roll 1332

Subsidy Roll 1543-4

Return Possessions  1521-23

16th Century Life home page

1569 Muster Roll

17th Century Life home page

1626 Bassett Mariner Survey

1650 Parliamentary Survey

Free and Voluntary

Hearth Tax

Protestation Return

Civil War Skirmish


18th Century Life

18th century penance

1799 Land Tax

19th Century Life home page

Harvest Tea 1872

Randall Charity 1870s - Randall Memorial Stone

Times Extract 1863

West Briton Extracts 1830s, 1840s, 1850s, 1880s

Lowland North Churchwarden Accounts

Lowland South Churchwarden Accounts (not published yet)

19th Century Mining

19th Century Mining Accounts Porthilly Mine (not published yet)

Directories home page

Harrod's Directory 1878

Kelly's Directory 1873

Kelly's Directory 1889

Kelly's Directory 1893

Kelly's Directory 1902

Kelly's Directory 1939

Slater's Directory 1852

Rock Ferry

St Minver Churches

Dissenting Churches in St Minver

Wills home page

Wills 1600 to 1699 A to E

Wills 1600 to 1699 F to K

Wills 1600 to 1699 L to P

Wills 1600 to 1699 Q to Z

Wills 1700 to 1799

National Archives -Death Duty Registers  - St Minver folk

PCC Wills - National Archives

Wills from other parishes

War Memorial

War Poem

Roll of Honour enlarged

Legoland (grandchild's page)

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