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War Memorials

Inside the parish church at St Minver are two lists of names of those who served during the two World Wars.


World War I, 1914 - 1918

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World War II, 1939 -1945

Desmond Bannerman, Geoffrey Buse

Winsor Carhart, Charles Gwynn

William Gott, Henry Lander

Jack Lander, Gordon Lenny

Michael Mee, Darrell Milson

Norman Rowe, Ernest Spiller

"Their name liveth for ever more."

War Memorial to the dead of both wars stands in the upper churchyard in St Minver. It is visible from the road being at the North end of the churchyard.

Inscription reads:

"To the glory of God and in proud and grateful memory of the men of this parish who died in the service of their county during the Great War 1914 - 1918."


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See also For the Fallen by Lawrence Binyon  written in the parish of St Minver 1914


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