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St Minver Wills and Administrations

1600 to 1699














These Wills are listed alphabetically; use CTRL F to find the Will you need.  Wills for 1600 to 1699 are to be found on the following pages.

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The surnames are as per Will and may not be spelled as you think! 

Many of the 17th Century Wills fiche are very difficult to read, so there are probably errors and omissions!  Please be aware that because I can only make 3 or 4 visits per year to Truro, information is not checked before putting up on the website.   Each Will has information about people named, each inventory generally has the estate total and any other items which are of note or uncommon, including listing of rooms, or Bibles, saddles, tenements etc. 


All references are for Cornwall Record Office, Truro.  Please check references on the CRO Online Catalogue (CROCAT)



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