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St Minver Wills and Administrations

1600 to 1699 surnames F to K


Richard ffillis, gent, CRO Ref AP/F/337
written 11 February 1677, proved 17 January 1678
my son Richard ffillis, executor (5 beds, bedsteads and furniture in his lodging chamber over the kitchen)
wife Jane ffillis one pair of wheels with a butt and tonge, harrow, yoke for her use
daughter in law Mary wife of Richard, my son
Elizabeth, Agnes and Dorothy ffillis and younger brother Richard all under 14
John Trebell of St Minver son of Thomas Trebell of Kewe
Richard ffillis (his mark)
witnessed by John Mathews, Charles Beheathland (both signed), Thomasin Lynam (her mark)
Inventory taken by John Crabb and Charles Beheathland, gents on 8 March 1677
estate total 364 19s 04d
including 3 lives in Dingles Tenement 160, Wester Porles, East Porles two old lives, Tereschore [?], Styles Tenement in St Minver Churchtown, and others unreadable


Phillip Foote, Shipster CRO Ref AP/F/285
proved 18 April 1670
Mrs Thomasin Smith kinswoman and wife of Charles Smith of Blisland
kinsman Thomas Borrow and John Borrow to be paid by Mrs Thomasin Smith
? ffoote, servant
kinswoman Mary Hambly wife of ? Hambly of St Mabyn, tailor
Joane Pearse, wife of William Pearse of Lanlidge
Cozen Susanna ffoote
Elizabeth Babb and Welthian
Mary Webber, daughter of Nicks.
remaining goods to ?, daughter of Degory Mill dated 1670
signed Philipp ffoote (mark)
Witness- Ann Mill (mark), Thomas Broad (mark), Nicks Webber (signed)


Thomas Gradley CRO Ref AP/G/235

written 18 February 1604, proved 16 November 1620 (hard to read)
sister Grace Gradley
Janne my wife, executor
tenement in Tregline
sisters Joane, Jane and Judith god-daughters and godsons
signed Thomas Gradley
witnesses John Trebell and Thomas Moyle
Inventory made by Christopher Moyle and Thomas Trebell 3 Jan 1620
threshing floor ladder
timber in the oxen house and other timber and wood
104 sheep worth 27 13s 4d
corn in the mowhay hayrick 30 and wheat in the ground 20
other possessions itemised by room - in the chambers, in the hall and in the kitchen
grounds in Tregenna, Portkillock, Porthcallick, Carruan, Trebetherick and Trevanger
total 307 1s 8d


Henry Graye CRO Ref AP/G/735
proved 20 January 1670
administration granted to Grace Graye, relict (mark), Richard Graye (signed)
Inventory taken on 2 February 1669 by William Graye, Richard Gray, William Guy and ffrancis Guy
Estate total 117 - 14 - 00
Accountant - paid to
Richard Gray 20 - -
Pentecost Simons 20 - -
G... Cowling 8 - 1 -
William Edwards 3 - 9 -
Nicholas Phillips 3 - 19 -
Wm Richard 3 - 0 -
Humphry Mably 9 - -
Wm Gray 2 - 2 -
Eliz Guy 00 - 12 - 6
David Matcott 00 -04 - 06
Footnote names Richard Gray son, Constance, Jane, Christian and Jone Gray, daughters.

William Gray, CRO Ref AP/G/1186
proved 22 Dec 1679
administration to Charles Peters, Simon Wyatt of Endellion Yeoman and John Treweeks of Endellion and Richard Grey (all signed)
during the minority of his son William Gray.

inventory taken by Thomas Moyle and Richard Rawlings on 27 January 1678
40 ewes 12 00s 00d
37 more 10 00s 00d
40 hoggetts 7 00s 00d
1 mare, 1 steer,
3 feather beds furnished, 2 great chests,
corne and hay in the mowhay
right in Treweeke tenement 20 00s 00d
estate in Rounsavalle field 10 00s 00d
right in Measmeer ground 2 00s 00d
Total 228 07s 04d
Account dated 30 January 1680 To
John Nicholls Esq arrears of rent
Margery Smith arrears of rent
John Grey one bond
Jane Grey one bond
Willyam Pye one bond
Joan Bennett one bond
Willyam Bennett one bond
William Dodge one bond
Nicholas Philleps one bond
Thomas Bray one bond
Total 275 02s 04d

dated at the bottom 30 May 1680 with comment that this is during the minority of

William Gray the son of the deceased.


Inventory of Agnes Gee CRO Ref AP/G/24/2 1603 (Gee= Guy and indicates pronounciation at that time)
appraised by Richard Mably and Edward Gee
dated 21 May[?] 1603
pan 30s
crock 10s
wearing apparel 3
unreadable item 20s
total 6


Honor Gee Inventory and administration CRO Ref AP/G/24 1603 (Gee= Guy and indicates pronounciation at that time)
Administration - much written in Latin: some names identified are
Johan Gee, husbandman
Thomas Moyle
Thomas Sumaster
Inventory by Richard Mablie and Edward Gee taken 2 March 1602
total estate 28


Henry Gee CRO Ref AP/G/603
Administration proved 18 February 1649
Tamsine Gee relict and administratrix
William Gibb of Botreaux Castle [Boscastle] and Leonard Carwithy of Trevalga, yeoman [Trevalga is also near Boscastle]
Inventory by William Gibb and Leonard Carwithy on 15 February 1649
estate total 21 5s 0d


John Godfrey CRO Ref AP/G324
written 1 May 1626, proved 31 January 1626
oldest son Richard Godfrey (receive bequest 1 year after death of father)
son William (receive bequest 2 year after death of father)
oldest daughter Mary (receive bequest 3 year after death of father)
daughter Als (receive bequest 3 year after death of father)
daughter Cxistiane (receive bequest 4 year after death of father)
daugther Phillip (under 16)
daughters Joan, Maud and Elizabeth (receive bequest 5 year after death of father)
wife Joan executor
witness Robert Jackett and John Clemens
Inventory taken on 11 November 1627 by Raph Rawlin and Robart Jackett
inventory lists animals and household goods.
estate total 28 3s 0d


Gideon Guy CRO Ref AP/G/239 March 1620
Administration given to Barbarie Guy - wife(?)

Humphrey Guy, yeoman, of St Minver, CRO Ref AP/G/727

written 5 August 1668, proved 15 July 1669
John Guy son
William Guy son
Daughter, Honour wife of Phillip Gliddon
Daughter Phillip, wife of Nicholas Phillips
Humphrey Morish, Phillip Hopper
Phillipa wife
witness William Hicks, Richard Mably

Inventory total  86 - 0 - 0
included monies due from
Richard Mably,                            2 -00 - 0
Petherick Wills                           1 - 02 - 0
Sh .. y Kittow,                                  06 - 0
George Clemence                              04 - 0
Richd Woolcock                                11 - 0
Jo Steephens                                    15 - 0
Moiety of tenement in Trewhiston 60 00 - 0
                                                 65-12 - 0

Thomas Guy CRO Ref AP/G/443
proved 9 June 1638
administration granted to Constaunce Guy, relict
John Guy, yeoman, signed
Inventory taken 2 June 1638 by William Guy and Richard Rounsevale, yeoman
estate value 14 13s 19d


Constance Guy, CRO Ref AP/G/531 widow
proved 5 March 1643
Richard Hender of Bodmin and John Guy of St Minver, yeoman, uncles of Grace and Francis Guy, children of Constance Guy granted administration
RH signed with initials, John Guy signed.
Inventory taken by William Guy, and John Guy on 17 February 1643
estate total 62 05s 10d


Richow Guy, Widow, CRO Ref AP/G/678
proved 11 February 1666, written 25 September 1657
Son Michael
Daughter Anstes
Son John
Grandson ffrancis
son Homphry
[?] Guy
William Guy
signed Richow Guy (mark)
witness Humphry Mably and Mary Guy, (both mark)
Inventory of Richow Guy, widow (?) 1657 taken by Pollidor Rounsevall (signed), and Humphry Mably (mark), and Anthony Guy (signed)
estate total 26 - 16 - 8


Administration of Humphry Guy CRO Ref AP/G/1012
Mark Guy of Endellion, yeoman
James Nicholls of St Nyott
Isaac Shore of St Minver yeoman
Mark Guy uncle and guardian lawfully assigned to Rebecca Guy, John Guy, ffran Guy and G--- Guy the children of Humphry Guy
Inventory of Humphry Guy taken 1 July 1690 by Richard Gray and John Willcock
inventory includes one life on Downathon
2 lives on Trewhitson during the life of John Guy
3 lives on Trewinte
1 life on Trewhitson
Estate total 280 16s 04d

Susanna Guy CRO Ref AP/G/1011 (written on the bottom of deceased husband Humphry Guy's Inventory)
Inventory of Susannah Guy, widow of Humphry Guy, taken 6 September 1690 by Richard Gray and John Willcock
estate in Trewinte for the life of John Guy 20
purse 2
estate total 22


Katherine Guy, widow of St Minver CRO Ref AP/G/1013
proved 13 October 1690
Inventory taken by John Ivey of St Minver and John Jeffry of St Kew
both signed the inventory which included house goods and animals
Estate Total 144 03s 10d
Will written 19 October 1689
Jonathan Webber of St Kew, gent all goods and chattels etc
Mary Guy my youngest daughter
my three children under 21
my brother Jonathan Webber
signed Katherine Guy (mark)
witnessed by Susan ffroad (mark), John Clemence (mark), John Jeffry (signed)



Thomas Hammet written 4 November in the 11th year of King James (1614) CRO Ref AP/H/315
Mary Hammet daughter
Phillip Hammet
Agnes Hammet (and child not born)
Anthony and his son William (surname unreadable s/t e p/s ine)
Cathrine Smith
servant Richard Molde
Thomase Stone
wife Jone executor
witness John Philp, William ??, John Billing, Elizabeth ?egline
Administration (in Latine) to wife Joan.
Agnes, Mary and Phillip named as daughters
Inventory December 1614
Thomas Kente, Thomas Mably, John Hooper, John Treble and John Philps
very long inventory, difficult to read
total estate not added up.


Humphreye Harris carpenter, CRO Ref AP/H/755
written 25 May 1628 [buried 26 May 1628 in St Minver]
proved 20 January 1628 (Old Calendar)
Elizabeth Harrys my now wife, executor
Elizabeth Harrys daughter
witness Gilbert Launder, clerk, Thomas Sparnall, Susan Hooper, with others.


Richard Harris CRO Ref AP/H/811
proved 26 March 16-- (difficult to read) Will index given 1630
administration granted to Juliana, wife
signed Juliana Harris (mark) John Harry (mark)
Inventory taken on 26 March 1631 by Thomas Sparnall and William Gye, yeoman on 25 March 1630
proved 26 March 1631
items including working tools 11s 6d
estate total 17 14s 0d

John Harvye CRO Ref AP/H/245

proved 20 October 1610
Inventory taken by Ralf Kent and Richard Sparnall on 19 October 1610
estate value 4 3s 2d

John Harvie CRO Ref AP/H/245
Administration/accounts granted to John Harvie son (document written in Latin)
Names mentioned paid to
George Hooper wages 6s 6d
funeral expenses 11s
burial in church 3s 4d
John Nicholls 33s
John Olver of Endellion 13s


John Harvey CRO Ref AP/H/1208
proved Oct 1645
Administration granted to John Crabbe of Southill, nephew of John Harvey gent,
John Crabbe signed.


John Hender CRO Ref AP/H/1126, the younger, yeoman
proved 5 March 1643, written 22 February 1636
poor of St Minver 8s to be distributed by the Overseers of the Parish
Ann Hender my sister
Dorothy Guy wife of John Guy, my sister
Edward Guy, son of John and Dorothy Guy my cousin
mother Judith Hender
Jone Guy, daughter of John and Dorothy Guy
ffrances Guy so of Thomas and Constance Guy
Henery Graye, son of Ambrose Graye my godchild
George Hender, my godchild and son of John Hender the elder
Margery Hender, my wife, executor
Richard Thomas and Ambrose Graye overseers, yeoman
sign of John Hender
witness John Peeters, John Gye
Inventory taken by Richard Thomas, William Guy and John Guy on 20 February 1643
estate total 117 15s 04d

Will of Otes Hicke, yeoman of St Minver
written 13 Feb 1619 (13th year of James reign), pr Jan 1621
Ralph Hicke, son
William Hicke, son of Ralph Hicke, son
Katherine Hicke, dtr of Ralph Hicke
John Sparnell, servant of Otes
Elizabeth Tenny, Servant of Otes
Margery Hick, daughter
Elizabeth Trebell, daughter
Katherine Hicke, wife joint executor with son Ralph.
5/- poor of St Minver to be distributed by the wardens of the poor
the signature of Otes Hicke
witness William Trefrye
Phillip Webber, John Pethick
Inventory taken by Thomas Trebell and Ralph William on 21 September 1621
30 in wheate, barley, ote
oxen, kyne and other bullocke 30
brazen pans, pott and candlestick 7
1 mare, 1 colt and 11 sheep 8
pig, geese, duck and poultry 5
plus other household items.
estate total 117 1s 2d


Margery Hicks, CRO Ref AP/H/1176
written 30 June 1643, proved 25 January 1644
Elizabeth Treble, sister
Margerye Smyth, wife of Thomas Smyth
William Smyth, son of Thomas and Margerye
Richard Treble
Jane Treble
Chatheren Tennye, wife of Emanuell
each of their children
Elizabeth Collings
Jone Rounsevall
Richard Pettigrue
each child of William Hickes
Elizabeth Pettigrew
William Hickes, executor
Margery Hickes (mark)
witness John Peters, signed and Jone Barrye (mark)
Inventory taken 18 February 1644
estate total 23 5s 0d (of which were 20 0s 0d were debts owed to Margery)

Anstice Hodge CRO ref AP/H/1429
proved 27 January 1663 [Old Calendar date, New Calendar date would be January 1664)
Ralph Rawlings the younger, executor.
Witness John Hender (mark) and Ralph Rawlings (mark)_
Administration granted to Ralph Rawlings the younger and Richard Rawlings (Father of the executor)
Inventory taken 15 April 1663 by Thomas Kent and John Clemence
estate total 8 10s 00d


John Hooper (Hoop) CRO Ref AP/H/345 1614 (terrible handwriting)
Thomas Hoop son
Mary daughter of John Hoop my son
Richard Rounsevall my godson
John Stephen of Treverrow my godson
??Mably my godson
Grace daughter of George Hoop
Susan my son's wife John
John Hoop executor
written in March in the 11th year of the reign of King James
Inventory of John Hooper of Treverrow taken 3 December 1614 by Richard Rounsevall and George Hooper
Estate 13 16s 4d
animals : 1 cow, 1 calf ,11 sheep, 1 horse, 2 pigs and household goods including 6 brass pans, 10 platters, 2 saucers, 1 salt, 2 candlesticks, 2 crocks 3 silverspoons
1 table, form and other boards
2 bedsteads, 2 covers.
1 coverlet, 3 blankets corn in the mowhay
1 harrow,  piece of sand pots(?) and a saddle.

Richard Ivy CRO Ref AP/I/33
proved 7 March 1642
administration ripped down the right side. only the name Radulph is distinguishable.


William Ivye, yeoman CRO Ref AP/I/40
proved February 1660
Inventory taken by Thomas Hammett and Lanroanker Longe on 26 January 1660
inventory includes one lame nag valued at 15 shillings
Estate total 46 11s 04d
Inventory signed by Thomas Hammett and initialled by Lanroanker Longe (LL)


Robert Jacket the elder CRO Ref AP/J/502
8 May 1644 proved, 16 May 1641 written
Elizabeth Jacket, daughter executor
Jane Jacket, executor
witnessed by Thomas Moyle, signed and R Rawling (mark)
R Jacket signed in a shaky hand
Inventory taken April 1642
estate total 48 15s 8d


Jane Jackett, spinster CRO Ref AP/J/694
proved 17 Jan 1672
nuncupated 28 Jan 1671
all goods to Mary Jackett her brothers daughter
witnesses Dorothy Hawking, Diana Betty
Inventory taken by Richard Rawlinge and Nicholas Webber on 29 December 1672
(given in full)

purse and girdle and wearing apparel

2 0 0

one featherbed and 2 dustbeds furnished

3 0 0

one chest and 2 little boxes

0 6 8

3 table boards

0 10 0

1 cupboard

0 3 4

flower [flour] pans, one cauldron, one skillet

2 10 4

1 brass crock, one iron crock

0 6 8

four pewter [?]

0 13 4

2 hogsheads, 2 barrels, 2 kewes[?] 2 tubs

1 0 0


0 2 6

estate total

10 12 6


Elizabeth Jagoe CRO Ref AP/J/635
proved 19 September 1667
Administration granted to Jone Carveth (mark) and John Tozer, yeoman (mark)
Inventory taken by Job Weale, Clerk, and Thomas Horwell (both signed) on 9 June 1669
estate value 13 - 00 - 00


John Jones (also James) CRO Ref AP/J/44 May 1604
Thamasin Jones granted administration
Inventory of John Jones taken by Thomas Moyle and Ralphe Rawlyn on 4 May 1604
estate total 18 9s 8d
including barrels and timber in Padstow
20 sheet 2 calves, 2 lambs, 4 pigs, 4 little pans, platters, featherbed and bolsters, coverlet and mantels, blankets and sheets, hens and geese sword and dagger and working tools.


Tamsyne Jones CRO Ref CRO Ref AP/J/144
Inventory dated 25 February 1611 appraised by John Stone of St Minver and Anthony Stone of St Endellion
assorted items including
5 sheet 16s 9d
1 sow pig 3s 4d
1 young calf 3s 4d
3 bedsteads
1 feather bed, blankets and bolsters
2 candlesticks, brass crock and iron crock
1 pot of butter 18d
estate total 4 11s 4d


Peter Jory, Husbandman CRO Ref AP/J/641
administration granted to William Jory (signed), brother and Samuel Smith (mark)
Inventory taken by Samuel Smith (mark) and James Dawe (signed)
estate included corn in mowhay and in ground Six Pounds
estate total 10 - 5 - 0


Henry Joyce CRO Ref AP/J/379
proved 1 September 1631
Inventory taken on 29 August 1631 by John Breay, yeoman and Nicholas Webber of Endellion
general household possessions
estate total 16 13s 2d


George Kent CRO Ref AP/K/218

proved July 1644
Administration granted to Joan Kent relect and administratrix
Joan Kent (mark), Humphry Kent and Thomas Moyle [signed].
Inventory taken by Humfry Kent, gent and Thomas Moyle, gent on 11 July 1644
Estate total 29 6s 6d.
Also a sheet signed by Charles Kempe regarding rents due ' my father has not anything to enter'.


Joan Kent, widow CRO Ref AP/K/239
proved February 1647
administration granted to Thomas Kent, signed and Ralph Rawling, mark, cousins

Ralph Kent CRO Ref AP/ K/ 133
proved 14 March 1630, written 16 November 1630
3s 4d to the poor men's boys
daughter Phillip wife of Thomas Pawley
Elizabeth Kent wife )
Ralph Kent son )
Richard Kent son ) joint executors
Jane Kent daughter )
Frances Kent daughter )
signed Ralph Kent (mark)
William Billing
Gideon Auger (mark)
Administration granted to Elizabeth Kent, Ralph Kent, Richard Kent, Jane Kent, Frances Kent
Inventory taken on 31 March 1630 by Thomas Pawley and William Billing
estate total 60 11s 8d


John Kent, yeoman CRO Ref AP//K/299
administration granted to Richard Rounsevall, principal creditor of and administrator, John Jewell of St Stephens and Susan Tomin
proved 16 June 1671
Inventory of John Kent, yeoman taken on 1 June 1671 by Petherick Wills (signed) and John Harwich (mark)
estate total 13 - 12 - 00
Renunciation and probate and execution of last Will and any previous Wills unknown 1 June 1671 by Jane Kent relict and William Kent son
rest of children under 17
signed by Jane Kent (mark ) William Kent (signed) and Thomas Bradford and John Guy

Walter Kent, yeoman CRO Ref AP/K/329

proved 10 July 1675, written 29 Jan 1673
grandson John Piricke of Lanteglos by Ffoye [Fowey]
Kinswoman Mary Kent of Lanteglos by ffoye [Fowey]
Hugh Broad of St Minver
Grace Hooper of St Minver
Joan Piricke granddaughter and executrix
Walter Kent made his mark
witnessed by Nick. Webber and Otho Trebell (both signed), John Barry (mark)

Inventory taken by Thomas Bradford and Nicholas Webber on 6 July 1675
rooms mentioned include hall, parlour and chamber
items normally found in wealthy household,

Items also include 2 threshing boards, 3 ladders, one harrow and other implements of husbandry 0 17 0,
corn in the ground 1 10 0
in the mowhay 0 6 8
provisions in the house 0 12 0
many animals including 10 bullocks and one rearing calf 23 0 0
good debts 101 12 0
estate in Tredrissick depending on 2 lives 160 0 0
Estate in Trevanger 25 0 0
estate total 363 14 10



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