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St Minver Wills and Administrations

1600 to 1699 surnames A to E




Florence Ashwell CRO Ref AP/A/208/1/2

Will dated 23 May 1636

Elizabeth Mill, my master's(?) daughter

witness Jane Dowe, Thomas Stroute

Elizabeth Mill, daughter of William Mill being a minor.


William Ball CRO Ref AP/B/629/1-3

Administration dated July 1624, Yeoman

widow, Susan Ball

J Blake signed in the presence of Obediah Reynoldes

Inventory £148 - 4s - 6d estate including the moiety of Carlyon £80 -0s -0d

Inventory done by Robert Burden, Gent, Thomas Rowe and Leonard Ball

taken 26 September 1623


Stephen Ball CRO Ref AP/B/1111

Inventory dated 22 July 1644,  taken by William Guy and George Thomas, Yeoman

Estate value £72 - 13s - 4d


Thomas Bannick, husbandman CRO AP/B/1771
proved 15 March 1676
Thomasine Bannick relict and administrator (signed with mark)
Christopher Hodges and Nicholas Webber, both signed.

Inventory taken by Emanuel Tenny, Gilbert Payne and Nicholas Webber, all signed the document
estate total £112 15s 08d including the following agricultural items
8 oxen, 10 sheep £4 0 0
3 cows, 3 heifers and 3 yearlings £24 0 0
2 mares, 2 coltes £10 0 0
40 sheep and 22 lambes £10 0 0
8 pigs and sowes £2 0 0
3 harrows and 2 ploughs 3 yokes and 3 chains £ 3 03 04
1 paire wheels with an axe, old paire of wheels with an axe and wains, one butt and butt yoke £8 0 0

Thomasine Bannock relict and administrator of account, dated 25 January 1677
names on account - paid to

Mr Darrel

£20 0 0

John Lang

£4 0 0

Longroanker Lang

£3 6 0

Joane Guy

£5 0 0

John Guy

£4 0 0

Rich ?

£1 0 0

Phillip Clemenence

£6 0 0

Wm Gray

£3 10 0

Gilbert Payne

£9 5 0

Erastus Webber

£4 0 0

Letters of administration

£3 0 0


George Beare CRO Ref AP/B/29/1

July 1602

son Richard, son Charles, son Francis, Dorothy my daughter, Jone daughter

Annes wife and executrix

Mrs Susan Brabin

Thomas Ivy/Fry (not easy to read)


Henry Bennett CRO Ref AP/B/1246/1-3

request to be buried in St Michael's Church

daughter Barbara, wife of John Trogolle, daughter Katherine Bennett

wife Johan Bennett

Richard Clement

son William Bennett, executor

written 1641, witness Rich. Fillis, Ralfe Rawlings

Inventory taken 17 November 1648 by Hugh Wh[ite], Ralph Rawling and John May

estate total £66 - 06s - 00d


William Bennett CRO Ref/B/1290
administration proved 5 March 1660
Katherine Bennett relict and administratrix and Ralph Rawling (both signed with marks)
Inventory taken 22 November 1658 taken by William Guy (signed) John Kent (mark and William Prophit (mark)
estate total £61 18s 02d


Thomas Best CRO Ref AP/B/1160/1

proved 12 April 1645

Frances Best, relict and administratrix

granted 21 March 1645

signed John Dingle, William Gray

in the presence of Obediah Reynoldes and Thomas Colling


William Bilkey CRO Ref AP/B/98/1-2

Administration proved 27 April 1605

Richow Bilkie, wife of William Bilkie

Thomas Bilkie

Inventory taken by Charles Braben and William Sparnall on 15 April 1605

estate value £6 - 16s - 10d


Thomas Bilkey CRO Ref AP/B/1221

proved 23 July 1647, dated 5 June 1647

daughter Honour Manger,  wife Maude executrix

witness William Guy, William [?]

Inventory taken 12 June 1647 by Benjamin Thomas and William Guy

Estate value £20 - 03s - 00d


John Billing CRO Ref AP/B/408/1,2

John Billing of Trefrusa, 1616

Margerye Billinge daughter, Margarette Billinge daughter, both under 21 at the time of writing

Sons William, John, Samuel Billinge all under 21 at the time of writing.

Sons, Charles Billinge, Ralphe Billinge.

Daughter Susan Broaken, her daughters Marryan and Christian Broaken

Agnes Palmer and Julian Palmer, daughters in law

Jone Billinge, eldest son's wife

Jone Billinge, wife

Richard Billinge executor

Richard Billing of Maben and John Billinge of Endellion both kinsmen and overseers.

dated 20th May , {?th year of reign of King James - unreadable)

Inventory of John Billing of Trefrusa dated 7 February 1615 taken by John Clemens and William Billing.

estate total £liiii - xiis - viiid  (£54 - 12s - 8d)


John Billing, husbandman of Mesmeere CRO Ref AP/B/463/1,2)

proved January 1618

request to be buried in St Minver churchyard

daughter Catherine Billing under 20

godson John Ball

Oliver Ball

sister in law Catherine Smith

wife Francis, executrix

dated 9 March 1617

witness Christopher Moyle, Oliver Smith

Inventory taken 28 May 1618 by Oliver Smith, John Treble and Christopher Moyle

total estate £40 - 17s - 10d


John Bridgman, CRO Ref AP/B/1299
written 12 March 1654, proved 11 February 1660
eldest son, Nicholas, under 21
son Bernard, under 21
my sister Jane
son John, under 21
my wife
William Webber and Robert Blake, overseers
John Bridgman signed
witnesses Thomas Kent and William Webber (signed) and Robert Blake (mark)
Inventory taken on 4 April 1655 by William Webber and Robert Blake at the time of John Bridgman's death
Estate total £11 7s 4d

John Burden CRO Ref AP/B/1206/1,2

proved 14 July 1646

made 20 July 1645 by word of mouth

2 daughters Joane and Susan

witness John Clemens and Thomas Clemens

Inventory taken on 10 July 1645 by John Clemens, John Frade and Thomas Clemens

total estate £6 - 12s - 2d


Sampson Casyer CRO Ref AP/C/143/1,2

Joh[an] wife

Jane daughter

Sampson, son and executor

Umphry Casyer and John Steven overseers

witness Umphrey Casyer, Thomas Wyett, Richard Crobble, John Day

Inventory taken by Richard Pearse and Richard Steven on 20 November, 1607

total estate £viii - vs - viiid (£8 - 5s - 8d), including vii (7) thousand healing stones worth xiiiis viiid (14s 8d) (Healing stones were building slates.)


Ann Cheavall CRO Ref AP/C/1776
proved 19 April 1678
Lawrence Cheavall, brother granted administration (his mark)
Richard Morrish (signed), ffran. Blight (signed)
Inventory taken by Thomas Morrish and Richard Morrish (both signed the document) on 18 April 1678
purse and apparell £0 5s 4d
one bill of twenty shillings £1 0s 0d
One payment of sheets and linings £0 10s 0d
one brass crock and pewter £0 6s 0d
one cow £0 2s 0d
one blanket £0 2s 0d
spoons one jug £0 1s 0d
one silver ring £0 3s 0d
other £0 1s 0d
total £2 10s 0d


Thomas Chivell CRO Ref AP/C/1934
written 1 September 1684, proved 21 October 1684
son Richard Chivell won yew
grandson Robert Chivell won yew lambe
kinswoman Elizabeth Dyer won yew
wife sole executor
signed Thomas Chivell
witnessed by Charles Guy and John Mably (both signed)
Inventory taken on 18 October 1684 by John Mably and Charles Guy
farm and agricultural items including 1 blacke cowe, 10 sheep, 10lb woll
household including 2 draft bedwickes, 4 blankets, 2 coverlets one bed steade and kitchen goods
estate total £17 03s 08d


Edward Clemence CRO Ref AP/C/1520
proved 20 April 1670, written 1 February 1669 Badgelar (Bachelor)
sister Catteren Clements
John my brother's children 4 eldest children
George Clements my brother
Edward Clements signed
witness John Rowe (mark), Samuel Shure


William Cock CRO Ref AP/C/285/1,2

1612 administration

Elizabeth Cocke administratrix

signed and witnessed by Humphrey Braben and John Matthews (presence)

witnessed by Elizabeth Cocke and Thomas Ranke


John Colling, sailor of St Minver, CRO Ref AP/C/ 507
Written 25 May 1621, Proved 1621
my three sons, Henry, Leonard and William Colling
Joan the wife of Oliver Moyle 

Maud my Wife  executrix
In witness of Henry Jose, Oliver Moyle and Jone my wife
A true inventory of all such goods and chattels ... John Collyns late of St Minver at the time of his death seen and appraised by Henry Jose and John Stone the younger the 4th day of September Anno dom 1621
Sum total £xxxii xiiiiS xd


Richard Colling CRO Ref AP//854/1-3
yeoman of St Minver
Written 30 December 1633
Proved 9 July 1635
Daughter Diana wife of Thomas Trebell
Thomazin Kent dtr of Walter Kent
Jone Kent another dtr of Walter Kent
Richard Kent son of Walter Kent
Welthian Kent and Jane Kent dtrs of Walter Kent joint executors
Walter Kent overseer
signed Richard Colling
Witness John Dingley, Richard Rounsevall and William Payne
Administration to Walter Kent as Welthian and Joan in minority
Inventory taken 6 July by William Webber and Ambrose Gray
estate total £51 - 05s - 04d


William Dally, yeoman,  CRO Ref, AP/D/804
proved 24 May 1682
eldest son Willyam Dally
daughter Margery
son John Dally
my wife Margery Dally rest of goods and chattels , whole and sole executor
the sign of Willyam Dally
witnessed by Chas Peters, Tho Bradford, Jo Dingley (all signed)
Inventory taken by William Ball and John Hamley 28th August 1681
estate total £189 10s 00d


Joan Dingley CRO Ref AP/D/520, widow
written 1658, proved 27 January 1662
body to be buried in the chancel of St Minver near husband
William Dingley son
Diana wife [of William] beaver hat
John Dingley son of John Dingley my son
John Dingley, son of Richard Dingley
James, son of William Dingley
Joan Dingley, daughter of son John Dingley
Joane daughter of son Richard Dingley
Jane daughter of William Dingley my son
Jane Sparnall, widow
Prisilla Shole [could be Ursula]
Joan Mill
poor of St Minver
executor, John Dingley, my son
witness Hugh White (signed)
[The will itemised bedroom furniture and furnishings which were to be given to the various grandchildren.]
Inventory taken on 12 December 1661 by William Webber and Benjamin Thomas and Richard ffillis
John Dingley son of John Dingley, clerk
John son of Richard Dingley deceased
James son of William Dingley
Jane and Johan Dingley daughters of William Dingley
Johan daughter of Richard Dingley deceased
Estate total £32 13s 02d

Richard Downinge CRO Ref AP/D/539
administration proved 30 May 1649
Administration granted to Thomasin Downinge, relict, and Richard Clemens of St Kew


Katherine Downing CRO Ref AP/D/189/1,2

proved April 1619, widow

written 16 July 1617

son Richard Downinge

daughter Joane Downing

[?] Prowte and 3 sons Prowte

Barbara Downinge

[?] Trewinte

Thomas Pee[?]h

Rebecca Downing daughter executrix

witness by Richard Colling, Richard Downing, Walter Kent

Inventory taken by Phillip Webber and Richard Collinge on 20 November 1618

estate total £1[?] 7s 11d


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