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St Minver Wills and Administrations

1600 to 1699 surnames Q to Z


Ralph Raynold CRO Ref AP/R/312

written 26 September 1619, groom
to be buried in the Church of S Minver 'a littel belowe th seate which I did use to sit'
cousin Margarett Raynold, my brother James Raynold's daughter
brother George Raynold
brother James Raynold
cousin John Raynold
brother John Raynold
brother Stephen Reynold
Gartred Shootyes[?]
poor of St Minver 12s 6d
burial 3s 4d
poor of St Earth the parish I was born in - 20s
15d for the shroud (from the money in purse)
John Pettigrew
Nicholas Evans
Joane Goodridge
John Raynold's cousin - John Raynold's son (brother's son)
Katherine Lange
Blanch Polgreene
John Lawrence
John Pettigrewe of Trebetherick
Stephen brother executor
witnesses Anthony Penkevell gent, Phillip Penkevell, gent John Lawrence
Inventory taken by Anthony Penkevell, Phillip Penkevell gent and John Lay, yeoman taken on 30 December 1619
estate total £24, 12s 6d.
includes turk rapier, short and long staff, rapier dagger, girdle hangers
one short that does stand by the wall
ashinge staff (staves = staves_)
John Lawrence one little pike
one old halt


Richard Rawlyn CRO Ref AP/R/56 1604
written 30 Oct 1602
proved 14 April 1604
daughter Julian
John Horking of Endellion
son John
son William
a poor maid Johane that I did rear
sister Thomasin Rawlyn
sister in law Ann Jeffery
son Richard
tenement in Trewynt (to wife if she keeps herself a widow, otherwise goes to son Richard).
Johane my wife and executor
witnessed by John Bediford, clerk
William Rounsevall
Inventory of Richard Rawlyn taken by John Gee, Richard Mably and William Rounsevall 6 February 1603
estate £18 3s 2d


Ralph Rawling CRO Ref AP/R/609
proved 13 April 1638
written 28 March 1638
poor of St Minver 20s
son Ralphe Rawling
son Robert Rawling
Amye/[Anne] wife of Degory Mill
Robert Myll (Mychell)
Richard Rawling godson
daughter Mawde Rawling executor
signed Ralfe Rawlyn
witness William Billing, John Hender (signed)
Inventory taken 9 April 1638 by John Clemence, Christopher Moyle, William Billinge, John Hender
estate value £424 18s 4d (mostly crop and stock)

Edith Rounsevall CRO Ref AP/R/1009/1,2
Written 10 June 1670
Poor of Padstow, Poor of St Minver
Edith Mably, my daughter and her children
Susan Kent, servant maid.
3 sons William, Richard and Richard (one is later named as the older Richard twice)
Richard the older, Executor
Witness Jane Morrish
Inventory carried out by Thomas Martyn of Padstow and Richard Mably of St Minver on 29 June 1670

Value £33 - 02 - 04d


Emanuel Rounsevall of Endellion CRO Ref AP/R/776
proved 23 August 1648
administration granted to William Rounsevall of St Minver, natural brother
signed Wm Rounsevall and Richard Rawlings.

{Emanuel was born in St Minver and is from a St Minver family but was living in Endellion when he died.)


Katherine Rounsevale, spinster CRO Ref AP/R/1069/1

Written 27 March 1673, Proved 16 April 1675
Richard Rounsevall the older
John Mably the younger
Richard Mably the younger
Katherine Mably
Richard Mably of St Minver’s children
Joan Rounsevall
William Rounsevall of Trewhiston
Witnessed by  John Peters, Richard Mably, Richard Rounsevall


John Rounsevall and Joan his wife CRO Ref AP/R/749
proved May 1646
Elizabeth daughter and administratrix, along with William Gye


John Rounsevall CRO Ref AP/R/778

proved 28 April 1648
Inventory taken by Thomas Stribley, Thomas(?) Rounsevall and Walter Guy on 22 June 1646
Joanne, Katherine, Jane and Elizabeth listed as daughters of deceased
estate about £54 (but not added up on inventory]

Richard Rounsevale CRO Ref AP/R/570
Written 4 August 1635, nuncupative
Son William Rounseval his youngest son
Witness Nicholas Williams jun, Richard Pasqe

Richard Rounsevall CRO Ref AP/R/632/2

Administration   proved 1639 26 November 1639

Wife Edith Rounsevall named as relict.

inventory taken by Thomas Sparnall and Polidor Rounseval 2 September 1639

Total value £104 - 16s - 08d


William Rounsevall CRO Ref AP/R/495/1/2
proved 1629 written 7th April (date missing), husbandman
to be buried in St Guynedock
eldest son John Rounsevall
his son John Rounsevall
Susan, eldest daughter (Susan Morrish)
Daughter Joane Rounsevall
Son William Rounsevall
(my ?)Son Humphrey Rounsevall

[?] Rounsevall {[?]= Katherine see below}
Daughter Susan's son John M[orrish]
Her son Humphry Morrish
her [son?]Thomas Morrish
Her daughter Katherine Morrish
Ann Nicholls of Penrose

Katherine Rounsevall aforesaid
Son Richard Rounsevall (executor)

Witness Humphrye Gye, William Gye
Inventory 27 June 1629. taken by Gilbert Launder, clerk and Humphry -, and William Gye, yeoman the 27 June 1629

total £36 - 08s -10d


Richard Rounsevall CRO Ref AP/R/709 
Inventory taken by John Rounsevall and Humfry Guy on 30 December 1643
Estate value £2-10-0
Note at bottom of inventory dated 22 April 1644 in Latin re Elizabeth, relict and 4 daughters (not named)


Bartholemew Shole CRO Ref AP/S/298 1615
administration granted to widow (looks like Asazius)
Inventory taken by Edward Gie and Richard Harris on 1 May 1615
estate total £13 3s 8d


Giles Shole CRO Ref AP/S/192

administration granted 22 July 1610 to Bartholemew Shole
Inventory taken by John Rounsevall of Endellion and Edward Gee of St Minver on 5 February 1609
estate total £8 1s 0d


Richard Shole  CRO Ref AP/S/257 proved 17 April 1613
written 16 March 1612 (Old Calendar)
brother William Shole his 3 younger children 1 sheep each
brother George Shole his 4 children 2 sheep each
Mary Clemens
Jone Clemens
George Clemens
Phillip Clemens
Ralph Shole
sister Elizabeth James and her 2 children (a widow)
corn in Trelawder mowhay
Phillip Jefferies and Richard Jefferies
Roger James (Elizabeth James son) and her daughter (name unreadable)
George Shole executor
Jone Crowme
Inventory taken 14 April 1613 by John Lay, John Guy, and John Clemens
no estate value given.


Mark Silly of Trevelver CRO ref AP/S/1204
Administration granted 16 September 1667, written dated 15 July 1667
£5 to the poor of St Minver to be equally distributed at the tyme of my funerall
sister Phillippe £100 on the day of her marriage
nephew Richard Ceely £150 when he reaches the age of 20
niece Phillipp Ceely
Ralph Blake, my servant £10 and wearing apparel
50 shillings to each servant
Carlyon, St Minver tenement
Jeromiah Kent
brother John Silly, executor
Mark Silly, signed
witnessed by William Rounsevall and Thomas Kent


John Silly, Esquire CRO Ref AP/S/1336
proved 22 April 1672
written 6 March 1671
Jane Silly, wife
John and Marke Silly, sons
daughters Elizabeth, Jane and Katherine Silly
servant Hender Mounsteven
Trustees (brother), John Cotton and (friends) Humphry Borlase, Richard Tuppett, John Hamley,
Witness William, Jane and Katherine Rounsevall.
copy signed by Richard Tippett, John Anstis and Hender Mounsteven


Otes Smith CRO Ref AP/S/72 proved 15 May 1605
written 26 June 1600
to be buried in St Minver
Margaret Venicome my daughter and wife of Clemence Venicome
Thomas Trebell, son of John Trebell of Tredower executor
Inventory taken 16 July 1604 by John Trease, John Trebell and John Thomas
estate total £8 10s


William Smith CRO Ref AP/S/306 dated 1615 in Latin
administration granted to Elizabeth Smith - no relationship given
Inventory of William Smyth of Portarth
taken by John Stone, Jown Cowden, John Smyth and Ollyver Moylle taken on 11 May 1615
estate value £12 6s 8d


Thomas Smyth CRO Ref AP/A/1024
proved 13 September 1645
written 17 February 1647
the poor of St Minver and Padstow and St Endellion 10 shillings each
sister in law, Jese Graye, my new 'Bibell'
her daughter, Jease
Katherine Moyle, sister in law
ffrancis Moyle, William Moyle, sons of Thomas Moyle the elder of Mynver (both under 16 years of age).
Jane Meane (no need to repay loan of 70 shillings which she borrowed and the 50 shillings which her husband owes]
Ann my wife (executor)
Inventory taken by John Hamly and Thomas Hammat on 30 June 1648
estate includes a tenement in Treverrow £11
sum total difficult to read


John Smith, yeoman CRO Ref AP/S/1105
written 15 December 1662
proved 22 January 1662
poor of St Minver and Endellion
Joane Smyth, my now wife
Tregudelle [Tregoodwell in Lanteglos] in Helson in Trigge
John, grandchild, son of Richard Grey
William Grey, grandchild, son of Richard Grey
Thomas Grey and Henry Grey, two other grandchildren of John Smith and sons of Richard Grey
Joyce Grey granddaughter and daughter of Richard Grey
Christian Gray daughter of Richard Graye
Katherine Moyle, daughter in law
Thomas Smyth of Portath
John Smith of Treswince
Jane Meane of Endellion
Mary Hodge my sister in law
Christopher Hodge, brother in law
Tamsyn Williams my servant
All the children of Thomas Smyth of Portath
Joyce Gray my daughter and Richard her husband
my brother Thomas Smyth
Richard son of Richard Gray grandchild, executor.
Cousin John Smith of Endellion overseer
signed John Smith
Witness Ambrose Gray, Charles Beheathland, Thomas Smith
Administration granted to Richard Graye and Thomas Hammet on 14 August 1662. with Thomas Hammett and John Smith of Endellion as overseers.
Inventory taken on 22 December 1662 by Charles Beheathland, William Hickes.
Mortgage of an estate of inheritance of a house in Camelford by George Millard where in an Elizabeth and Mary Hodge liveth £30.00.00
Joane Smith grandmother of Richard Graye [ie wife of the deceased]
Many interests in Minster tenements
Land in Endellion by deed from Thomas Pawley deceased - Thomas Pawlie grandchild and ffrancis Marke, now Francis Guy live
Estate granted by deed by William Eivie and John Eivie Tregaveven in Endellion (John Eivie, Joan Eivie and John Pawlie currently "praised in")
Katheren Duglas als Jermin
lands in Tintagel
estates yet to expire
[The inventory consists of various properties in which John Smith had an interest and derived an income the total of which is given below. This is by far the largest Inventory total of any St Minver resident to this date - 1662]
Sum total £1603 00s 04d


Thomas Smith of Portath, St Minver CRO Ref AP/S/1475
proved 16 November 1677
died October 1676, nuncupative Will
Margery Smith wife
William Smith son executor
Ann Gray
Joyce Gray
Inventory taken 10 November 1676 by Charles Peters and Ralph Hicks and Richard Gray , jun. All signed the document.
estate total £52 01s 08d including animals, 12 acres of wheat worth £12 0s 0d, a mowhay, hall and kitchen items.


Em Sparnall  CRO Ref AP/S/175 document dated 26 Oct 1609
father William Sparnall
re monies to be given on marriage - never married (bulk of text in Latin)


Richard Sparnall, CRO Ref AP/S/805
proved 20 June 1639 written 19 July 1637
Elizabeth my wife           )
James Sparnall my son     ) joint holding of the tenement The Weene
daughter Anne wife of ffraunce Mann [Murre/Murrow]
William Sparnall, my son
John Sparnall, the younger, my son
Richard Sparnall my son
James Sparnall executor
mark of Richard Sparnall
witness John Dingle, William Mill signed
Inventory of Richard Sparnall als Tankyn made by Ralfe Rawlyn, William Mill and John Stone, 1 May 1638
estate total £24 5s


William Sparnell CRO Ref AP/S/98
proved 13 December 1606
my daughter Elizabeth Sparnall
my son Thomas Sparnall
tenement in Treverowe
my boy John Rounsevall who was my servant
my wife Agas
my married daughters [not named]
executor Thomas Sparnall
son in law Richard Rounsevall, brother in law John Philpe, and Agas Sparnall appointed overseers - my boy not yet 22 years of age)
Inventory of William Tanken also Sparnall taken 2 December 1606 by Thomas Day, gent, John Wye and John Gee, Richard Rounsevall and John Philpe
estate total £30 5s 11d.


Thomas Sparnall of Porthilly CRO Ref AP/S/1148
proved 3 July 1664
sister Elizabeth Addam, her son William Addam
Gilbert Coade's children, Joan Rounsevale, youngest daughter - bill of obligation against John Wills and Richard Wills, his son of Egloshayle
Joan Harris of St Easie [Issey] and her children by Humphry Harris - Hugh Harris, Samuel Harris and Joan Harris (her children)- bill of obligation from Richard Clement of Egloshayle
John Guy and Benjamin his brother and sister Katherine Guy, children of William Guy, deceased - bill of obligation from William Dingle of St Minver
servant Katherine Rounsevall (his bed and many other household items)
John Rounsevall son of Richard Rounsevall
daughter Grace, wife of Richard Rounsevall
John Dingle, Johan Dingle his sister, daughter of Richard, deceased
Katherine Billing
Theophilus Harris
Thomas Bradford of Trefresa, St Minver Executor
signed Thomas Sparnall (mark)
witness by Hugh Bradford and Anthony Bewdon
Inventory taken by Richard ffillis and William Webber on 17 June 1664 including:

one old Bible and looking glass
one old saddle
estate total £71 - 19 - 04

Thomas Steven CRO Ref AP/S/486
proved 21 Feb 1623
Inventory taken on 28 July 1623 by John Clemens and John Kent.
household items
and other items including wheelbarrow 18d
old threshing board 11d
old hurdles
corn in the ground
3 cows 4 sheep
no total given but estimated below £10


Margaret Steven, widow CRO Ref AP/S/613
proved 20 September 1628
Will written 4 -- 1628
Alice Steven daughter
Ages daughter
Jane daughter
John Steven my son in law
Joane my daughter in law
Humphry Thomas
Johan Thomas
Sampson Casier
Jo-- Casier
Elizabeth Thomas
Mawd Thomas
Katherine Thomas
Margerye Steven and Alice Steven two daughters joint executors
witness Richard Thomas, Robert Rowe jun.
Inventory taken by Gilbert Launder clerk and Richard Thomas, Yeomen on 17 September 1628
amimals including 3 oxen, 2 kyne, 5 bullock, 2 rearing calves, 10 ewes, 10 lambs, 5 pigs, geese and poultry, 1 mare
total estate £93 03s 04d


John Stile CRO Ref AP/A/683
written 1626 (very tattered)
Jobe servant
John god child
poor of St Minver
my wife
signed by John Style in a very shaky hand.
witness Raffe Rawlin [signed), and John Blake [mark]
Inventory taken by Raffe Rawlin, and John Blake
estate total £16 0s 0d


John Stone, yeoman CRO Ref AP/S/943
proved 14 July 1644, written 10 July 1644
Trecreek tenant (99 years) Thomas Pawly the younger and Ffrancis Marke.
Tregaveren in Endellion tenant (99 years) John Ivy, Johane Ivy and John Pawly son of Thomas Pawly the younger.
Emlyn Stone, my sister
John Ivy, my kindesman
Emlyn, my wife, Johan Ivy, my kindeswoman
William Collings, and Thomas Trebell, godchildren
William Ivy, Kindsman executor
John Smith of Mesmeere and Ralph Rawlyn, overseers
signed John Stone
witness John Smith (initialled), William Rounsevall, signed and John Dingley, signed.


John Symon CRO Ref AP/S/184 proved 1609
A true inventory of all the goods and ch-----Torn
of John Symon deceased taken by John Billin----Torn
Sweet Thomas Symon and John Clemens the 30--Torn
1 cow ... 30s
1 pig ... 5s
one crock of brass ...6s 8d
2 platters one pothager one -- one candlestick ...5s
one old copper ... 6d

1 brand iron and 1 grid iron ...14?
rest unreadable
this is a small scrap of the inventory, the rest of which is lost.


Humphry Thomas CRO Ref AP/T/6 1601 (very ripped)
dated 3 March 1600
Agnes Tenny my [sister]
poor of St Minver
daugher Ozias Tene
William my son
Thomas my son
Richard my eldest son
goddaughter Joane
Godson Humfrie Harries (half a barke in Padstow)
Richard Thomas and Thomas Thomas
sons under 19 years of age and daughters under 17 years of age
Richard Rawlings and Edward Gee Overseers
Inventory taken 24 March 1600
value of estate £125 - 5s - 08d


George Thomas CRO AP/T/856
written 18 December 1658, proved 24 May 1660
son George Thomas to discharge debts to Lady Jane Carew and Mr John Silly
John Thomas son of George my son, under 21
Johan Thomas, daughter of George my son, under 21
Susan Beddicke daughter
son John Thomas
George Thomas grandchild son of John
Philipp Thomas
son Richard Thomas under 21
Dorothye Thomas, under 21
John Thomas
grandchild George Thomas
witness Richard ffillis, Jane ffillis, William Dawe
Inventory taken on 2 January 1660 by Phillipp Charsell (signed), Richard fillis (signed), Emanuel Tennye (signed), Beniamin Thomas (signed)
inventory included 105 sheep valued at £23 00s 00d
one payre of olde wheeles and wayne, one plough, ploughstuffes and harrowes £3 00s 00d
5 oxen and one bull £21 00s 00d
corne in the mowhaye £22 00s 00d
corne in the ground £11 00s 00d
Estate total £130 11s 8d


Benjamin Thomas CRO Ref AP/T/1246, yeoman of St Minver
Will written 15 January 1680
proved 11 April 1681
3 shillings and 3d to the poor of St Minver
eldest son John Thomas
daughter Margaret Dodge, her 3 daughters
daughter Thomasin Pedler, her daughter Jane Pedler
my servant boy
Benjamin Thomas my grandson
Elizabeth and Jane and Margaret, granddaughters
youngest son William Thomas (rest of goods and chattels and executor)
mark of Benjamin Thomas
witnessed by Nicholas Webber(signed), James Olliver (his mark) and Martha Dally (her mark]

inventory taken by Edward Michell and Christopher Pedler (both signed)
taken 7 February 1680
included 1 yoake of oxen, 1 cow, one yearling bullocke, 1 mares, 2 coults,
2 beds furnished
total £32 4s 8d


Thomas Smith of Portath, St Minver CRO Ref AP/S/1475
proved 16 November 1677
died October 1676, nuncupative Will
Margery Smith wife
William Smith son executor
Ann Gray
Joyce Gray
Inventory taken 10 November 1676 by Charles Peters and Ralph Hicks and Richard Gray , jun. All signed the document.
estate total £52 01s 08d including animals, 12 acres of wheat worth £12 0s 0d, a mowhay, hall and kitchen items.


John Treble, yeoman of St Minver CRO Ref AP/T/349 1620
written 23 March 1619
Richard Treble my son
Anthony my son
Mary Treble daughter
Abigail Treble daughter
John Treble son of Anthony
Grace Parker, daughter of Richard Parker
John Harrys godson
Thomas Treble my son executor
witness John Treble, Richard Treble, Mary Treble with others

Inventory made by Ralphe Hicke, John Treble and Anthonye Treble on 30 March 1620
includes 6 silver spoons, 3 board cloths and 4 napkins, many farm animals and home possessions.
estate total £114 11s 10d


Oates Trebell, yeoman, CRO AP/T/1162 
Written 2 September 1672 proved 17 November 1676
wife Elizabeth
Thomas Hammett esq owed £4
Richard Trebell son and executor
signed Oates Trebell (mark)
witnessed by Nicholas Webber (Signed), William Dally (mark), Richard Harris and David Blake (both signed)
Inventory Nicholas Webber (signed) and Anthony Guye (signed), yeomen, taken on 12 September 1676
estate total £85 - 12s - 2d
including fewell (fuel) £0 15 0 and household and farming implements, wheels, axles, ploughstuffs and animals.


Pentecost Trebell proved October 1607
administration granted to Margery Trebell, widow
Thomas Trebell and Anthony Trebell signed the administration
Inventory taken by John Trebell of Kerowe and John Stone on 2 June 1607
bote and furniture £3 6s 8d
16 sheep £3 4s
5 lambs 6s 8d
debts owed by William Hicks
estate total £9 10 4d.


Richard Treble CRO Ref AP/T/374
administration granted to Elizabeth, relict, 12 December 1621


Thomas Trebell CRO Ref AP/T/462

Administration granted 15 May 1826, granted to Elizabeth Trebell, widow
witnesses John Tenny and Radulphe Hick
Inventory taken on 16 May 1626 by Christopher Moyle, Ralphe Hicks and John Tenny

estate total £129 5s 0d (included many possessions, animals, crops and farm implements)
signed by Christopher Moyle, Ralphe Hicks (mark only) and John Tenny


James Trefry CRO Ref AP/T/559
proved 27 Dec 1632
administration granted to Roger Trefry
Inventory taken by Gilbert Launder clerk and John Clemens yeoman on 26 December 1632
estate total £11 9s 4d


Roger Treffry CRO Ref AP/T/788
proved 1 Dec 1646, written 23 October 1646
Tamsin Treffry, daf [daughter] executor
John Treffry and his children £3 apiece
witness John Tenny signed, Emanuel Tenny, signed, William Callaway
Inventory taken 16 November 1645 by John Tenny, Emanuel Tenny, Richard and William Callaway
includes 2 fliches of bacon £01 06s 08d, and debts owing to him £40.
estate total £60 15s 4d


William Treffry, late of St Mary Week, tailor, CRO Ref AP/T/303
proved 23 March 1617, written 1 June 1616
poor of Endellion
poor of St Minver
the rest to my wife
signed mark of William Treffreye
witness mark of Ralphe Hicke
Inventory of William Treffrie, tailor, late of St Mary Week taken by George Lee and Marke Bone on 26 February 1617
estate total £25 7s.


John Weale, vicar CRO Ref AP/W/749
proved 2 September 1645
Administration ripped
Inventory taken 10 December 1644 by Thomas Kent, gent and William Webber yeoman
Rooms where inventory taken, library £23 11s 8d, Hall, Kitchen Buttery, Parlour, Middle Chamber Room, Outward Chamber (more specific room uses than usually given in St Minver Wills,
includes crops and animals
No sum total given.


Phillip Webber CRO Ref AP/W/678
proved 12 February 1641, written 18 August 12641
Dorothye, wife of George Thomas
Susanna, daughter of Dorothy and George Thomas
George Thomas, son of Dorothy and George Thomas
John and Phillip son and daughter of Dorothy and George Thomas
my son Richard Fillis and my daughter Jane his wife executors
witness Degory Treweene, Dorothy Weale, John Mablye, Margery Roe

witnessed again by John Hamlye on 20 August 1641

Inventory taken by John Harveye, gent, and John Tennye on 23 February 1641
Wearing apparell and purse                          £5

Tenement in St Minver village being a chattel £150
cow, young bullock and sheep                         £10
pig, geese and other poultry                          £2
his corn                                                       £7
three featherbeds furnished                         £10
all the rest of his household goods                 £6
estate value £190


William Webber CRO Ref AP/W/1095
proved 16 July 1675, written 18 Sept 1672
son Nicholas Webber
Mary Webber granddaughter
Joseph Webber son
Katherine and Susan Webber
Wife Joan Webber Executrix
William Webber signed
witnessed by Elizabeth Nicholl
Inventory taken on 3 March 1674 by Richard ffillis (signed), Thomas Webber (signed) and Richard Jeffery (mark)
rooms include Hall, dwelling chamber, kitchen chamber, chamber over the dairy, chamber over the buttery
the buttery - items included lots of pewter table and kitchenware
the moitye of a musket, pike and sword £6 6 8
kitchen included 5 spits and associated items
barns included threshing board
one stone trough, 3 little pigs troughs £1 0 0
2 pairs of old wheels, one olde wayne, 2 ploughs, 4 rakes, 3 harrows with tynes
5 pairs of bed sheets, 3 pillows, 3 table clothes and a dozen table napkins £1 6 9
animals include l nag 2 cows, 11 sheep and 1 calf
chattels in Tredrissick £15 0 0
estate total £91 08 4


Jone Webber, widow CRO REF AP/W/1170
written 19 March 1677
proved 18 July 1678
10 shillings to the poor of St Minver
Nicholas Webber my son
his daughter Mary
my son Joseph - meadow at Tredrissick
daughters Katherine and Susan executors
Johan Webber [signed]
Witnessed by Thomas Webber, Abraham Westcott (both signed), Katherine Jeffery (her mark)
Inventory taken by Leonard Jeffery and Thomas Webber, both yeoman of St Kew, on 18 June 1678
estate total £58 06s 02d


Anne Willcock CRO Ref AP/W/949 
proved 1667 (faded)
Administration granted to Thomas Willcock (son) (mark), Robert Willcock (mark),

Katherine Williams CRO Ref AP/W/1155
written 21 February 1676, proved 21 Nov 1677
brother Stephen Williams
brother John Williams
brother Thomas Williams
kinsmen John Polsue, Edward and Peter Polsue
sister Joan Cornish
brother Edward Williams
John Cornish, brother in law (executor)
Katherine Williams (her mark)
witnessed by John Harris and Edward Cornish (both signed)
Inventory taken by John Harris, Clerk of St Issey and Edward Cornish, Clerk of St Minver on 1 May 1777
estate total £140 0s 0d

Roger Woulcock CRO Ref AP/W/1141
proved 2 June 1676, written 24 February 1674
Richard Woulcock, eldest son
Jone Woulcock wife
Tenement in Tredoske [Tredrissick?]
field in Hensdon called Well Park
Wellthin Wouldcock granddaughter under 20
John Woulcock youngest son executor
signed Roger Woulcock (mark)
Witness James fford and Thomas Warne
Inventory taken 8 May 1676 by James fford, William Balle, Gilbarte Peane and Thomas Woulcock
estate included 3 leases with Tredoske, Treswine and Hensdon worth £140 0 0
estate total £292 7 6

Bernard Wyatt of St Minver, 1611 CRO Ref AP/W/210/1
written 15th day of December 1611, proved 1613
unto Judithe my daughter
my son Thomas the younger
Lawrence Wyatt my son
Katherine my daughter
Agnis my daughter
Thomas my elder son
Richowe my wife
William my sone
Humfrey Kente overseer


John Vinecombe CRO Ref AP/V/236
Will written 12 April 1681
proved 9 August 1681 (named John Vinnicome on the wrapper)
John Venicome my eldest son
Elizabeth my daughter
Mary my wife
Joane my daughter
Mary my daughter
My daughter Jane
Ralph Vinicome second son

joint exexcutors Mary and Thomas
signed John Vinecombe (his mark]
Inventory taken by Charles Beheathland, Nicholas Webber and Degorie Gray (all signed) on 9 May 1681
total £43 08s 10d


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