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St Minver Wills 1700 to 1799

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The surnames are as per Will and may not be spelled as you think!  Many of the 18th Century Wills are difficult to read, so there are probably errors and omissions!  All references are for Cornwall Record Office, Truro.

John Arundell esq (donated transcription)
PCC - St Minver 27 Sept 1742 will of John Arundell Esq.
lately dec'd. Admon granted to exec.
I John Arundell of Trevelver gent..
to be buried in Sepulchre under family pew in St Minver church
beloved wife Agnes Arundell
eldest son Thomas..given estates on his marriage settlement
youngest son Francis.
son Francis of South Molton gent..having marryed into Gales family as I
John Arundell did
son-in-law James Trivitt gent and his wife Mary my daughter
my cozen Elizabeth Champion that lives with me
my cozen Furnival that lives in Bodmin or elsewhere
my mansion house of Trevelver
dated 5 June 1738
Codicil 7 June 1740
Admon 20 Sept 1742


Robert Blake, Yeoman of St Minver d 1742 CRO Ref AP/B/3686
Will written 10 March 1742
Proved 10 may 1742
Son John Blake
dtr Elisabeth Mably
John and Robert Mably her sons
Ann Blake dtr
godson John Rundall and his sister Elizabeth living with RB
Dtr Rebecca Blake sole executor
witness Michaell Rickard, Thomas Barry


CANN, James 1751, St Minver CRO Ref AP/C/3598

Proved 27 december 1751

In the name of God Amen I James Cann

of the Parish of St Minver and County of Cornwall yeoman being of perfect

Memory first of all I give to my der waife twelve pounds a yer to be paid

quarterly by my Executor and halfe of my hous and housel goods as long as she live

and then for my executor it all Mor I give too my son William Cann five ??

a yer after the deth of my waife Mor I give to my dafter Jane Hares three

pounds a year to be paid quarterly by my Executer More I give to my son

Richard  one Shilin mor I give to my son Samuel one shilin mor  I give to

Jane Lashbroke on giney To be paid by my Executer.

All the rest of any goods and chattells I hearby give on to my son Mathy

Cann to whome I mak my hole and soole executer he paying any detes and

legases and funerall ??nces of this my last will and testament

In witness whear of I have hear on too pot my hand and seele this

ninth day of June on thousand seven hondred fifty on

sealed and sined in presents of  James Cann (mark)

William Collings

Jane Jackett

Dorothy Collings

the sign of Mary Clark (mark)



Will - John Colling 1731 CRO Ref AP/C /3131
written 20 January 1723, proved 1 November 1731
my dear wife
my daughter Elizabeth
Humphry Craddock my son in law
John Craddock my grandson
William Colling my son and executor
witness Richard Gray, George Biddick, Jone Vinicomb, Mathias Swaine

William Collings CRO Ref AP/C/3742/1

written 19 November 1759, proved 8th May 1760

my dear wife
children all under age (21)
John Collings
Joseph Collings
Elizabeth Collings
Phillipa Collings
Susanna Collings
Thomas Collings
Lenoard Collings
Witness John Vercoe
signed William Collings in 1759
Inventory taken by Thomas Varcoe and John Sturttridge on 19 Nov 1759
Total estate 237 11s 0d


Sarah Darell

Memorandum (at back of Baptisms Register, on a new page, following last 1812 entry and at the end of the Register)
"That Sarah Darell, late of Trewornan in this Parish, widow, did by her last Will and Testament give and Bequeath to Darrell Crabb Esq and his Heirs and to the vicar of this parish and his successors, the sum of two hundred pounds, in Trust for the Relief of such poor Housekeepers of Said Parish as do not receive pay from the Parish, And which two Hundred Pounds she directed to be paid as follows,
Viz: One Hundred Pounds at the time of her Death, which said sum of Money is now placed out at Interest at 5pr Ct in the Security of the Haleworthy Turnpike and the Remaining Hundred Pounds to be paid on the death of English Hopkins, now Sutton, of Plymouth who was the Residuary Legatee named in her Will.

The above has been entered at the request of the Said Darrell Crabb Esq
by Wm Sandys vicar of St Minver
St Minver Novr 13 1775"

[NOTE Camelford, Wadebridge, St Columb (Haleworthy) Turnpike Trust
This trust was created in 1760 to turnpike the main highway along the northern side of Cornwall, from Haleworthy in the Parish of Davidstow to Mitchell. This was the main route for traffic from Devon before improvements over Bodmin Moor.

taken from http://www.turnpikes.org.uk/Cornwall%20-%20Haleworthy%20Roads.htm ]


Samuel Gibbs, blacksmith CRO Ref AP/G/7126
proved 11 September 1761 written 10 June 1759
daughter Prudence
daughter Ann
Daughters, Jane, Martha, Catherine, Elizabeth, Phillippa
son Malachi
grandson Digory Dodge
son Charles Gibbs, executor
sign of Samuell Gibbs
Witnesses Charles Guy (signed). Jane Taylor (mark), Thomas Guy (signed)


Charles Gibbs CRO Ref AP/G/7273
proved 1 Sept 1781
administration given to Jane Gibbs, widow
William Coppins of Cardinham and John Coppins of Bodmin
Bond 1 Sept 1781


Jonathan Higgs CRO Ref AP/H/6433
11 Oct 1771
Jonathan Higgs of Treviga yeoman
Wife Elizabeth Higgs half of Porteath property known as Moonsground
Son Jonathan Higgs 30, property known as Great[?] House for his life and no longer
Daughter Phillippa wife of John Rebouse
Daughter Elizabeth wife of Charles Gummow and the house she lives in for 7 years at rent of 1 10s
Grand daughter Judith Jacket now Hambley her husband John Hambley and houses after my child Christian's death
5 grandchilderin son and daughters to son Jonathan Higgs (Joseph, Phillipppa, Mary, Christian, and Alice Higgs
Christian daughter sole executor and residuary legatee
My good friend Richard Ivey of St Minver, Richard Wood of Port Isaac in Endellion , Jonathan Guy of Port Isaac and wife Elizabeth all executors in trust and guardians over Christian Higgs under she is 21 or be married
If she dies before wife Elizabeth enjoys all and becomes executor of his will
Dated 11 May 1771
Sign of Jonathan Higgs
Witnessed by
William Billing
Diana Kent
Ann Billing


Susanna Rounsevall CRO Ref AP/R1807/1
Written 22 January 1716 (Old Calendar)
Brother William Kent
Sister Jane Hodge
Uncle Nicholas Kent
Alice Guy, dtr of Charles Guy
William Kent, son of brother John Kent
Three children of Robert Blake
Brother George Kent
Brother Phillip Kent
Sister Mary Kent and
Brother John Kent
Witness Mary Rounsevall, John Kent, Robert Blake


Richard Rounsevall Lowland, St Minver CRO Ref AP/R/1852/2
Written 17 may 1712, proved 2 may 1720
Brother William Rounsevall
Sister in law Susanna Rounsevall widow
Richard Mably the elder and Richard Mably the younger
Alce Guy dtr of Charles Guy
Aforesaid Charles Guy Kinsman + all his other children living
Dorothy wife of Thomas Guy of Sleerwight? [Steer-right is a field just under Bray Hill in St Minver]
James and Thomas sons of Thomas Guy + other young children
Edye Hamblye dtr of Humphrey Hamblye of Trebetherick
Her sister Jone Hamblye + each of her brothers
Katherine Glydon wife of William Glydon
Humphrey Gliddon his son + each of his other sons
Alice dtr of Richard Mably the younger
Katherine wife of Gideon Guye + each of his 6 children
Kinsman William Rounsevall that hath but one hand
Kinswoman Jane Hodge of Padstow widow
Katherine dtr of John Bridgeman
William Kent servant ? to my sister Susanna Rounsevall
Rest to Mary dtr of Francis Guye executrix
Witness Thomas Leverton, Charles [?] , Richard Grimes

Degory Taylor CRO Ref AP/T/2102
Written 5 jan 1718
proved 1725 ?
Daughter Ann Benoack
Grandson John Benoack
Eldest son Nicholas Taylor
son, Richard Taylor
John Willcock (living in St Minver Church Town (has estates during his life)
Executors Nicholas Taylor and Richard Taylor (sons)
Signed Degory Taylor
Witness Thomas Morrish , Jane Morrish, George Kent, Robert Blake


Thomas Vercoe yeoman CRO Ref AP/VF6
Written 30 October 1767
Wife Elizabeth Vercoe (rights to estate of Treglins)
Kinsman Peter Vercoe (estate in Trevanger, where William Phillips formerly lived + garden)
Daughter in law Jane Vercoe
Daughter Susanna Vercoe
Witness John Willcock, Dorothy Collings, Simon Wilcock

Anne Woolcock, CRO Ref AP/W/ 2637

written 9 January 1756
my cozen Richard Craught
my brother Richard Woolcock
my sister Phillippa Phillips
fields called by the name of the Dales, Burrow Close and the Hough
my nephew Edward Best
my cozen James Skinners wife
Henry Woolcock 
Thomas Edvian,  his daughter Phillippa Edyvian and his wife
Honour Pope 

James Skinner sole executor
Witnesses,  Thomas Hewitt William Hicks

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