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St Minver folk appearing in the Death Duty Registers at the National Archives

(1796 - 1811)

Death Duty Registers hold details of wills and bequests for estates liable to death duties.
The Death Duty Registers on DocumentsOnline cover the 'country court' death duty registers
(in other words, from Courts other than the Prerogative Court of Canterbury or PCC) for the period 1796 to 1811. 

A research guide "Death duty records 1796 to 1903" can be found on The National Archives Website. 
The transcriptions below are from differing forms in the IR26 collection, some give executors,

some administrators, some beneficiaries, so you may wish to consult with the originals.

Administration Parish sum sworn to under  entry page PRO ref  Administrator or Administratrix, beneficiaries and additional notes
Surname Forename Date Year            
COLLINGS Joseph 13-Nov 1802 St Minver 600 297 62 IR 26/340 Mary Collings of St Minver his widow, admin.
DINGLEY William 23-Jan 1805 St Minver 100 8 3 IR26/340 Richard Dingley, exec/admin, residuary legatee, grandson;
 Ann Dingley; John Dingley, grandson;
James Dingley, grandson; Thomas Dingley, grandson;
Mary Dingley; William Dingley, grandson;
[deceased a yeoman}
GLIDDON William 16-Jun 1797 St Minver 100 78 55 IR/26/339 Ann, wife of William Hicks and Catherine Gliddon of St Minver, sisters and next of kin of the said deceased, admin
GLIDDON Catharine 11-Nov 1805 St Minver 300 136 30 IR26/340 John Kent and John Legoe, executors in trust/admin;
William Clemoes and John Clemoes, cousins, under 21;
Christian Clemoes, cousin;
Mary Ann Milldrum, daughter of Elizabeth Milldrum;
Christian Clemoes, residuary legatee, niece
[deceased was spinster]
HICK Charity 24-Mar 1804 St Minver 100 18 33 IR.26/340 Elizabeth Burton, Jenny and Margaret Hick, residuary legatees, admin/exec, daughters
Daniel Hick, grandson (under 21 years of age)
HICKS Ann 05-Aug 1803 St Minver 20 380 65 IR 26/340 Elizth wife of Augusts Mildrum of Padstow joiner, the daur, admin
HOCKER Catherine 19-Jan 1799 St Minver 100 189 33 IR/26/339 Mary Lang, residuary legatee, cousin, executor/admin;
William Rebous; Able Lang, Matthew Lang
HODGE John 16-May 1801 St Minver 1,000 314 63 IR/26/340 Wm Hodge of St Minver his brother, admin
HODGE William 05-Dec 1801 St Minver 600 64   IR/26/340 William Hodge Legoe, John Legoe and Thomas Legoe,execs, residuary legatees, nephews;
John Legoe, Elizabeth his wife, John Kent and John Mably [deceased a gentleman]
KENT Jane 23-Mar 1807 St Minver 1,500 490   IR/26/333 [deceased a widow who died at Padstow] Mary Gurney of Truro first cousin and nearest of kin, admin
MABLY Francis 09-Apr 1803 St Minver 337 64 IR 26/340 Jenifer Mably of St Minver his widow, admin
PROFITT John 19-Sep 1800 St Minver 100 299 49 IR/26/339 John and Willm Profitt, exec/admin, residuary legatees, sons; 
Thos Profitt, son;
Mary Profitt, daughter;
Christian Profitt, daughter;
REBOUSE Phillippa 08-Nov 1798 St Minver 300 160 58 IR/26/339 Jane, wife of Bartholemew Burton of St Minver, yeoman, the daughter of the said deceased, admin [a yeoman]
SYMONS Trehayne 16-Aug 1800 St Minver 600 294 43 IR/26/339 Briant Roberts Deeble Peter, Thomas Bennet and Samuel King, all admin/execs/trustees;
John Symons Clerk, son,
Loveday wife of Jas Reed,
Susannah, wife of Jas May Esq, and
Hannah wife of John Tickell Esq.
William Symons, son
[deceased a gentleman]
THOMAS John 15-Apr 1799 St Minver 600 198 35 IR/26/339 John Thomas, son and admin/exec and residuary legatee; Elizabeth Chipman, granddaughter; Hannah Thomas, daughter in law; Mark Thomas, son; Ann Inch daughter.
THOMAS John 17-Oct 1800 St Minver 600 303 49 IR/26/339 Frances, wife of Michael Gummow, Mary wife of Charles Ivey, admin/exec, residuary legatees and daughters;
TREBELL William 02-Apr 1808 St Minver 100 70 149 IR/26/341 Elizth wife of John Pollard of St Kew, labourer, sister, admin



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