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Endellion,          Port Quin


Leonard Collyn of Endellion CRO Ref AP/C/22
Body to be buried within Endellion church
John Collyns my eldest son
Richard my second son
Ffardynando Collyns third son
Thomas Collyns, my youngest son
Mary Collyns, my daughter
Johane Collyns wife
2 boats (bootes) - Katherine and John sufficient trimmed and dressed shared between ffardynando and Richard (Item my will is That my two sons namely Richard and Fardynando shall have my My two bootes joyntlye betwyene them namelye the Katherine and the Jesus sufficiently trymede and dressed with all such furniture as unto them shall belong and pertayne when they shall come to the age of xvi years aforesaid )
Johane and Richard executors
hn Tresse, Richard Fficke and Thomas Stone and Nicholas Marke overseers


Richard Rounsevall of Endellion CRO Ref AP/R/340

proved 19 January 1620, written 22 March 1617

wife Elizabeth

John Olver

Humphry Marten

Inventory taken on 9 December 1620 by John Olver and Humfrey Marten and Anthony Stone

includes 3 barrels of pilchards

20 bushes of salt 10-15-0

2 candlesticks and tyn chamber potts 10d

6 combs [?]

2 kyne 5

2 piggs

estate total 37 - 13s- 4d


Emanuel Rounsevall of Endellion CRO Ref AP/R/776
proved 23 August 1648
administration granted to William Rounsevall of St Minver, natural brother
signed Wm Rounsevall and Richard Rawlings.


Port Quin


Oliver Moyle of Porquin CRO Ref AP/M/724/1
John Collins, son of ? Collins of Porquine widow
long list of goods bequeathed. Richard Rowe of Endellion and Thomas Ffarlie of St Minver overseers.
Inventory made 25 September 1643 - 8 -6s-5d
by Charles Pedler and Thomas Farlie














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