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Transcriptions for St Minver

Parish Registers

At present (Dec 2010) I have transcribed the Parish Registers for St Minver from 1558 to 1850 and entered this into my own database.  From 1800 onwards also has good census coverage.  The database provides family trees.

I have also transcribed (again) for the OPC searchable database (CPROP) which currently has coverage for the following years.


1690 to 1812 1835 to 1885      


1696 to 1787 1813 to 1885      


1678 to 1885        


Bishop's Transcripts

All available BTs for St Minver have been transcribed and uploaded into the CPROP database

Other transcriptions

The Central OPC website also has transcriptions for St Minver which are attached with the St Minver parish page. 

Bastardy/Filiation Documents:

  1. A Bastardy Bond, dated 10 January 1718, issued by the Parish of Padstow and naming James BURT of St Minver
  2. A Filiation Order, dated 26 November 1833, naming Francis POLKINHORNE of this parish.

Voters Lists:

Two Polling Districts, Highlands and Lowlands

  1. 1851/52
  2. 1853/54
  3. 1864/65


  1. Otho TREBELL, dated 5 Oct 1742

  2. A case involving a dispute over the Will of John LYNAM, dated 22 October 1751

Legal and Other Documents:

  1. An Indenture, dated 25 January 1731, involving Anthony LOBB of St Minver.

  2. A letter from Thomas Kevill of Camborne to The Reverend Mr Sandys of St Minver, dated 5th February 1785.
  3. A letter, dated 12 November 1802 and concerning the 'distress' of Michael GUMMOW and family, written by Edward COODE of St Austell.
  4. An agreement, dated 10 January 1805, for the rent of land by William MABLY from the Rev William SANDYS.
  5. An account of charitable giving, Christmas 1810, naming several Parish residents.
  6. An Indenture, dated 1820, between Thomas BULLER of this parish and William BULLER (and others) from St Endellion.
  7. An Indenture, dated 25 December 1837, also naming Thomas and William BULLER, plus William COCK.
  8. A more detailed Indenture, dated 26 December 1837, naming the people in 7.. above.
  9. A letter from A SANDYS to Mr ROWE, builder of Exeter, dated 25 October 1822. Those mentioned are Mrs DACRES, Mr SAUNDERS, Mr FLOUD and Mr C BAILEY.
  10. A document, dated 31 December 1873, concerning improvements to the Port of Padstow and naming some St Minver residents, click here.
  11. A land tax assessment for Deer Parks occupied by William RANDALL, dated 20 May 1880.


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